Favor Delivery for Merchants

Favor Delivery for Merchants

NeighborFavor, Inc


Like you, we’re committed to food quality and making customers happy.

Favor for Merchants is a program enabling you to offer delivery, increase revenue and become featured on the Favor app. We offer you technology to view your sales and customer ratings. 

If you’re one of the best restaurants in town, you belong on Favor.


  • Increase Your Customer Reach
  • Offer Delivery - Without the Headache
  • Real-Time Insights & Customer Reviews
  • Dedicated Customer Service
  • No Monthly Fees & Free to Cancel

About the Company

  • Favor App: We feature your popular dishes inside the app with beautiful images and full menu functionality.
  • Favor Insights: Favor Insights is a tool for you to view real-time sales history and review customer ratings/comments.
  • Favor Connect: Connect your customers directly with Favor and make it easier than ever for them to get your food.
  • Co-Branded Marketing: We give you a web landing page & print marketing materials. It's free advertising!

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