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Fetch Rewards is a complete grocery shopping solution that puts your grocery store in the palms of your shoppers' hands, creating more valuable shoppers for your store. With the Fetch app, shoppers scan their groceries as they shop, unlocking exclusive deals and earning cash back on every item they purchase. Fetch provides access to information as they shop, such as tracking their running total and recipe inspiration. Thanks to our seamless communication between Fetch and any standard POS system, shoppers experience a quicker checkout, which they love.

Grocers partnering with Fetch have created more valuable shoppers through increased basket size and stronger loyalty. Fetch basket sizes are on average 25% larger than non-Fetch shoppers. 37% say they now shop at their store more now that Fetch is available, and an additional 5% are new to the store because of Fetch. 


  • Better Shopping Experience! Overall, Fetch gives your shoppers a better experience in your store. 
  • Bigger Baskets: Average 25% larger basket size
  • Loyal Shoppers: 37% of Fetch shoppers in a survey sited that they now shopped at that store more than they did prior to it having Fetch
  • New Shoppers: 5% of those surveyed are new shoppers now that Fetch is available
  • National Brand Dollars: Fetch partners with both local and national brands to drive more value to your shoppers
  • Coupons: Grocers can use Fetch to create custom coupons to help move more product and reduce waste

About the Company

Fetch Rewards is located in Madison, WI, with the goal of giving shoppers the best possible in-store shopping experience. 

CART Registered Due Diligence:

First level due diligence ensuring the solution is valid and viable.

Company Size:  11-50 employees
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