Financial Solution

Financial Solution



In the face of new economic challenges and regulatory demands, healthcare providers are continually challenged to achieve their financial goals. RelayHealth Financial has the experience and expertise to provide solutions that help hospitals make confident decisions, streamline daily operations, and deepen patient engagement.

RelayHealth® financial solutions facilitate patient financial clearance before service, offer online patient account management and bill pay, and speed the claims and remittance management process. Advanced analytics help to identify and quantify opportunities for strategic action to improve financial performance.


  • Discover RelayHealth Financial’s industry leading healthcare revenue cycle solutions, including those for patient access and claims management, as well as healthcare analytics, to help further optimize processes and accelerate payment velocity. 

About the Company

RelayHealth is an intelligent network with solutions that improve clinical communication, accelerate care delivery, and drive cash collection by connecting patients, providers, pharmacies, payors and financial institutions. At RelayHealth, we possess unique channel strength across all key segments of healthcare with established leadership in real-time transactions processing, a strong portfolio of transactional businesses, and the stability, trustworthiness, and resources of proven organizations. 

To support quality care improvements and reduced administrative costs across the healthcare industry, RelayHealth operates as a neutral partner in an open network environment, offering connectivity and interoperability among all organizations, systems and solutions. 

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