Find&Fix Mobile Diagnostics

Find&Fix Mobile Diagnostics

Connect Inc.

Eliminate mobile downtime and increase productivity in DC operations
virtualized software for connectivity and mobile diagnostics
Troubleshooting RF latency


The use of connected mobile computers and devices is expanding across retail operations and supply chains to track and move goods. As applications, networks, and mobile devices are added and deployed in distribution centers and stores, business-critical operations rely heavily on the supporting mobile infrastructure to run without disruption.

Find&Fix uses proprietary algorithms to provide unprecedented visibility into the data sets required to quickly and remotely eliminate disruptions across widely distributed mobile device deployments. For current customers, this means reduced time to problem resolution, valuable business intelligence, and measurable productivity gains. 

Find&Fix makes the use of connected wireless devices and computers simpler, smarter and faster.

Simpler: Streamlines the mobile infrastructure and reduces costs related to adoption of new apps and devices. 

Smarter: Real-time monitoring and proprietary analytics keep critical operations up and running with less staff and software.

Faster: Patent-pending optimization features measurably speed response times to reduce direct-labor costs per product shipped.



  • Reduce cost to own and maintain mobile applications, networks, and devices by limiting IT resources and hardware/ software.
  • Measurably increase associate productivity in distribution centers and retail stores by increasing mobile response times and eliminating disruptions.
  • Evolve your company to the future of mobile and IoT with less cost and disruption.

About the Company

Connect Inc. (CONNECT) is a technology company that develops, sells and supports virtualized software for wirelessly connected environments. We have already saved our enterprise customers millions of dollars each year by connecting and optimizing thousands of remotely connected mobile computers used in the manufacture, distribution, retail, and delivery of goods across all industry sectors.