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Fixtures & Equipment

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Manufacturing: Forté offers superb quality and precise engineering in the manufacturing of its products by using the rotational molding process that has optimum design and performance benefits for our proprietary and your OEM products. Parts and products made by rotational molding are long-lasting, durable and efficient in use among a wide variety of applications.  UV inhibitors are added to the manufacturing material to maintain color and prevent fading in all weather conditions, keeping items looking “like new”. Recycled materials are often used and all parts themselves are recyclable to support sustainability initiatives.

Value-Added Services: Forté is pleased to offer a host of services designed to give your product and business a value-added advantage in the marketplace.  Such services include extensive finishing operations in cutting, drilling, line and bench assembly, post-mold foam insulation, decorating, packaging and drop ship.

Design and Engineering: From design-on-a-napkin to 360° view SolidWorks 3-D models, Forté Product Solutions employs our in-house design services, or will work with your designers or outside design agency, to create a part which takes the best advantage of our capabilities and services. Under your guidance, Forté will make appropriate suggestions to assure the finished part or product meets both your company’s specifications and your customer’s expectations.


  • FOOD SERVICE / ICE & BEVERAGE EQUIPMENT: Sanitation/food safety compliant equipment that facilitates storage and organization needs.
  • DISPLAYS & MERCHANDISERS: Attractive and efficient merchandisers to showcase your products for high visibility and ease of access throughout your store environment.
  • C-STORE & GAS STATION EQUIPMENT: Efficient, user-friendly equipment that creates a more convenient customer shopping experience while improving operations, site appearance and brand imaging.

About the Company

For over 65 years, Forté Product Solutions has been proud of its leading role in American manufacturing excellence.  Forté parts, products, fixtures and equipment are used in a wide variety of industries.  OEM and retail customers worldwide have benefited from the superior quality and value-priced products that Forté designs and manufactures.

Forté is in tune with the constant, fast development of markets and the demands for productivity, reduced cost, minimized labor, endurance, simplicity and sustainability.  To address these needs, Forté creates products that are one-piece plastic designs, are long-lasting and recyclable, can be exposed to extreme temperatures, and will withstand the wear and tear of daily use while maintaining their “like new” appearance and efficiency.

Forté’s products are used by national chains, as well as thousands of independent operators in the United States, Canada and overseas markets.    In addition, we enjoy a long-standing and valuable partnership with many OEM companies that are proud to place their name and reputation on the parts and products that Forté manufactures on their behalf.

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