FlexPrint Retail Solutions

FlexPrint Retail Solutions

FlexPrint Inc.


Printing, scanning, storing and managing documents, signage and content. The total cost of these across your retail organization is in most cases greater than you think. To understand the true cost in terms of dollars, as well as the full impact that output and content management has on your enterprise’s productivity and performance, you need hard facts—and a trusted partner who can turn them into understanding and action.


  • Effectively manage costs and increase uptime across your operations using a single system to provide visibility and control.
  • Identify problem areas and drive continuous improvement with governance metrics by store, distribution center and office locations.
  • Increases savings and productivity by up to 40% through solution recommendations, professional implementation, customer support services, and transparent data.

About the Company

Led by CEO Frank Gaspari, the FlexPrint executive team is comprised of industry-leading professionals with one common goal: to move your organization forward.

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