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The Focal Tablet retrofits existing shopping carts to provide a stellar shopping experience. Shoppers can quickly search where products are, navigate to them with ease, and scroll through weekly deals with a swipe. 
With our patented Computer Vision algorithms, we track the locations of shopping carts, monitor Out-of-Stocks, and prompt shoppers when they are near good deals, all in real time.


  • Bridge Online and Offline: Finally, a platform that gives you insights into who your shopper is, where they went in the store, where they dwelled, what they are interested in, and connects all this to a customer account.  And with checkout surveys, you can ask anything to your customers while they are waiting to checkout. The Focal Tablet allows retailers to connect with their customers as soon as they enter the store. This lets you send them reminders to buy something that they might have forgotten, tell them about new products, and alert them when they are near good deals! This increases customer satisfaction, gives you more insights, and increases basket size.​
  • One More Item in the Basket: Retailers invest in escalators, shopping carts, hand sanitizer, and guest wifi, all in an effort to improve their customer experience. Happier customers buy more and come back more frequently. The Focal Tablet improves customer experience more than all of these combined. Customers tend to buy more items with a Focal Tablet than without. We install and utilize an attribution system that compares Focal Tablet Cart Basket Size to Regular Cart Basket Size in real-time to objectively measure what increase the Tablet is causing.
  • Measure On-Shelf Availability: Retailers have been trying to solve Availability for decades. Our Tablet takes 1000's of images a day of your store and runs powerful Computer Vision algorithms to detect gaps in real-time, all while your customers are pushing the cart.  We then send these alerts to you and a 3rd party Broker to have these outages fixed as soon as they are detected, increasing customer satisfaction and revenue.

About the Company

Focal Systems is a team of Stanford PhDs and masters students with backgrounds from Apple, Google, and Facebook, on a mission to drastically change brick and mortar retail.
We are building Computer Vision applications for Retail and CPGs to solve some of their biggest, oldest multi-billion dollar problems.

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