Price Patrol

View of FOOTRAFFIC retailer solution


  1. Create custom discounts, ONLY displayed to a shopper when their are looking for a specific product AND are physically near the retailer's brick & mortar location
  2. Shoppers recieve only the discounts that are relevant to their location and interest, not blast emails 
  3. Both the shopper and the retailer win; shopper gets the product they want at a discount, retailer drives MUCH NEEDED foot traffic into their brick & mortar location by influencing buyer behavior in a way not previously possible


With foot traffic in brick & mortar stores declining, retailers need unique ways to be in front of their potential customers at all times.  FOOTRAFFIC empowers them to create custom discounts and campaigns within our system to be served to customers when they are shopping near their physical stores and search for a product they have in stock.  FOOTRAFFIC works with the consumer mobile app Price Patrol (with over 100,000 downloads) to ensure the retailers offers

About the Company

FOOTRAFFIC is a wholey owned product of Price Patrol, LLC