Shatter success metrics with hyper–personalized offers

  • Formation's AI-powered marketing platform generates 3x revenue lift and 2x increase in marketing efficiency at enterprise scale. 

A powerful platform for more personal offers

  • The Formation platform combines powerful AI decisioning with highly flexible experience constructs designed to change customer behavior. This unique approach is setting new standards in hyper-personalization. 

Greater than the sum of its art

  • The Formation Offer Library gives you easy access to proven offer constructs, helping you reduce build-times and creative costs. The structure and mechanics of each offer construct are highly flexible and can be easily tailored to your unique needs and brand requirements. 

Make millions of thoughtful decisions each day

  • The heart of the Formation platform is the AI/ML Engine, which analyzes your data, contextual information, and the customer’s previous actions to create a picture of your customer’s underlying motivations. The AI/ML Engine takes this picture of the customer and tailors each element of your offer to match those motivations with hyper-engaging offers. Constant reinforcement builds stronger bonds between your brand and each of your customers. 

Knowledge is power

  • The Experience Engine tracks individual actions throughout each offer and provides real-time confirmation, customer feedback, and contextual reminders —reinforcing deeper customer engagement. 

From data to delivery 

  • The Formation platform is an end-to-end solution. From data ingestion to decisioning to delivery, the Formation platform provides a seamless, streamlined way to get your hyper-personalized offers to market.


Powerful Platform Proven Methods Team of Experts Rapid Speed to Market Unique


  • By continuously analyzing each customers' interactions, Formation is able to apply insights on each individuals' motivations to form offers that are personally tailored for maximized relevance, engagement, and fulfillment against business objectives. 

Offers that offer more

  • Formation has developed a library of dynamic offer types designed to satisfy an extensive range of objectives across the customer life-cycle. 

Infinite individualization

  • Every aspect of Formation offers can be hyper-personalized. The number of combinations are endless, ensuring that each offer is tailor made for each individual customer. 

Artificial intelligence. Real results.

  • Formation’s platform uses our AI/ML Engine to model the customer’s interests and motivations. Because the Engine’s machine learning algorithms are always analyzing your audience and tuning your offers, your campaigns will get smarter and more effective with each customer interaction. 

Transform together

  • With a powerful platform, proven methods, and a team with deep industry and technical expertise, Formation helps streamline your marketing process, allowing you to scale your programs and increase efficiency and speed to market.

About the Company

Formation’s AI-powered marketing platform enables the world’s leading organizations to orchestrate their customer interactions. By using our platform to deliver hyper-personalized offers directly to their customers, our clients are shattering success metrics across-the-board.

As we look to the future, our focus is on building a world-class team of individuals who are naturally curious and who are passionate about working to solve complex problems.

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