FOURMI : Gondola Moving System

FOURMI : Gondola Moving System

IMGR America, Inc.

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FOURMI® is a unique gondola mover that has been designed to be fast and easy to use by everybody, every day. Fitted with 3 ball bearings FOURMI® has the ability to move loaded gondola shelving and other store displays with 360° turning capacity. With our gondola skates, moving supermarket shelving and display units has never been so easy!


  • FOURMI® adapt itself to any scenario and allow a swift, fast, secure and efficient movement.
  • Move your display units and show off your special offers.
  • Use FOURMI® to transform your entire store layout overnight for customer flow improvement or for expanding your point of sale.

About the Company

IMGR Group has offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany to distribute worldwide ingenious, effective and clever solutions like our gondola moving system FOURMI®. Our aim is not only to provide a fast, efficient and friendly service but also to help our clients get the most of our innovative products. We also pride ourselves on providing an excellent after sales service to all our clients.

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