We provide actionable prescriptive geospatial intelligence to businesses and help them make all the right choices based on their data. 

Fract is inspired by fractals – countless geometric figures that have the exact same characteristics as the whole. Fractals can be found everywhere in nature – snowflakes, clouds and even our own hearts – and are used to describe various complex, recurring natural events like crystal growth and galaxy formation.

We predict and help businesses to maximize their potential based on the tiny patterns found inside the data. We believe in continuous data analysis and uncovering patterns to make use of the infinite amounts of data that increases every single hour, of every single day.


We can help your business whether it’s mobile, brick or field. Your data will be different and business insights will vary, but the process stays the same. 


The more data you collect, the harder it gets to extract actionable information from it. Business analytics can help make data digestible, but how do you know what exactly should you do, step by step, to maximize your market share?

The Fractal Loop was designed to take care of that. In addition to detailed market assessment and data analysis, it is programmed to detect similar patterns hidden inside your data and suggest actionable steps that you can implement with up to 99% accuracy.

Assess Market

The Fractal Loop will analyze all your market and business data, and sort everything 
neatly. No single bit of data will ever be lost, and every tiny piece can make all the
difference – is the logic behind the analysis. 

Detect patterns

Patterns are hidden in all sorts of data, invisible to the human eye, yet perfectly
distinguishable for the Fractal Loop. As more and more data is plugged-in, more patterns
are being revealed, ultimately forming business insights that you never knew existed before. 

Predict Outcomes

As the hidden patterns start to materialize inside the Loop, it predicts and lays down
before you a number of favorable business actions. All you need to do is simply implement them. Our software was tested countless times and provides up to 99% accurate actionable insights. 

Actions to Тake

After the initial assessment, detailed analysis and precise predictions, the Fractal Loop will determine and calculate a number of unique business outcomes that will be highly beneficial to execute profit-wise, and lay those down before you. All you need to do is evaluate your options, pick the one that suits your business strategy best, and implement it – the Loop will take care of the rest.

Run Operations

As you implement the uncovered business insights, the data gathered from those steps
flows back into the Loop, allowing for even deeper assessment and revelations of more

Collect Data

Data interpretation is a dynamic process – it never stops. As more data is being collected and countless updates take place,
new patterns emerge and the process starts fresh. Interpreting your data correctly is important, but keeping up with change
consistently, efficiently and timely is what really makes the difference. 


About the Company

Choosing the wrong area or location is a leading cause of failure for businesses of all sizes. Even when you have enough foot traffic, lack of competition and manage to attract local buyers in your target demographic, one unknown or overlooked location detail could destroy all of your hard work.

Fract can help you accurately predict the likelihood that a prospective location will result in disaster, or probable success. With Fract's mobile and web platform, you have some of the world's best business intelligence at your disposal, 24/7.

We're based out of San Francisco, CA - we synthesize big data + geospatial analysis + mobile ​for real decision making power

CART Registered PLUS Due Diligence:

Second level due diligence validating and quantifying solution benefits with existing retail users.

Company Size:  Less than 10 employees