Full Body Skeletal Tracking and Face Analytics for Mobile, VR, Android, Chrome

Full Body Skeletal Tracking and Face Analytics for Mobile, VR, Android, Chrome



NUITRACK middleware is the world's first 3D skeletal tracking, face and gesture recognition middleware for Android.

VicoVR Sensor is a game changing Bluetooth accessory that brings wireless full body and positional tracking capability to Mobile VR headsets (Android and iOS).

Seemetrix is audience analytics service for digital signage and retail that allows you to identify person's age, gender and average attention time.

3DiVi Face SDK Solution for real-time face detection, tracking and comparison in a video stream.


  • 3D Gesture Recognition Middleware: Nuitrack Middleware is the industry leading 3D gesture recognition middleware developed by 3DiVi Company that brings Natural User Interface (NUI) and 3D scanning capability to the new generation of smartphones, tablets, game consoles, Smart TVs, and virtual reality headsets.
  • Nuitrack Body: Nuitrack Body SDK provides full body segmentation, skeletal tracking and gesture recognition from the depth map. The module is the ideal solution for the new generation of gaming, virtual reality and robotic platforms.
  • Nuitrack Face: Nuitrack Face SDK provides face detection and analysis and is optimized for Android. Metrics detected: head orientation, gender, age bracket, emotions, biometric user id. The module uses standard RGB video input and can be used as digital signage analytics tool and in smart video surveillance.
  • Nuitrack Fusion: Nuitrack Fusion allows to determine the absolute position and to track orientation of devices with MEMS sensors (such as smartphone, in-air mouse, head mounted display etc.) when in use in front of a depth sensor. This unique patent pending feature can enhance gaming experience and provide point-and-click control of networked appliances.
  • 3D Scanning Software: 3D Scanning Software is a standalone module developed by 3DiVi Company to address growing demand for 3D scan and SLAM capabilities on mobile platforms such as Android.

About the Company

3DiVi Company is the leading 3D intelligence company focused on development of 3D computer vision solutions for applications in the new generation of gaming platforms, digital signage, and virtual reality.

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