Fully Portable, Pre-Fabricated Retail Environments

Fully Portable, Pre-Fabricated Retail Environments



The store of the future is now. WithMe stores are the first fully portable, pre-fabricated retail environments that blend the best of online and offline shopping to create a truly personalized experience you can't find anywhere else.

  • 100% PORTABLE: Each store is prefabricated in our facilities in Las Vegas, NV then shipped to your desired location in just a few short weeks.
  • BRAND FRIENDLY: The entire store “interface” has been designed with brands in mind. Each smart fixture can be customized with a number of assets for an immersive brand feel.
  • PLUG ‘N’ PLAY: Store environments are set up by changing files, not fixtures. This allows brands to quickly integrate into stores using existing digital assets.

Meet your new personal shopper: At WithMe™ powered stores, your app becomes an essential tool for exploring the future of retail. While shopping at the store, you can scan items to discover a full catalog of options, request items to try on, quickly build your cart, and check out without waiting in line.

A first of its kind: The Reactable™ fixture is a beautiful 55” translucent table top display that brings product to life with motion, rich content, suggested pairings and personalization. Smart tables & tags let merchandisers engage with customers in ways they’ve never been able to before. Personalized suggestions can be made from the table and across other fixtures in the store.

Pixel Wall: The pixel wall is a floor-to-ceiling immersive smart display and fixture in one. 900 individual screens can move independently from each other or group together to form shelves and hanging racks. The wall can also respond to shoppers using the WithMe Store mobile app to suggest products or display rich content from the brand.

Smart Fitting Room: Using the WithMe Store mobile app, shoppers can fill their dressing room by scanning items in the store. Selections are delivered once they arrive in their room. Shoppers can then interact with the smart mirror to request different colors and sizes or try on other items personally suggested to them, without ever needing to leave the room.

Express Checkout: Customers that have added a payment method to their WithMe Store mobile app can pay by simply tapping their phone as they walk out of the store. It’s grab & go!

Big Dipper: The Big Dipper creates an entirely new experience for consumers, enabling shoppers to touch physical goods in-store while browsing and ordering related or out-of-stock products that get shipped to them.

VR Dome: The virtual reality (VR) dome is a 360 degree immersive in-store theatre experience where shoppers get to experience unique brand entertainment without strapping on a pair of goggles. Come visit a store near you to see WithMe’s first feature animated short film entitled "The Brain". In stores now.




  • RFID EVERYWHERE: All product and fixtures in the store have RFID embedded in them to create a truly dynamic shopping experience.
  • DIRECTIONAL AUDIO: Brand or product sound bites can be targeted to individual shoppers interacting with specific items throughout the store.
  • BEACONS: Personalized messages and product suggestions can be sent to shoppers mobile devices from different areas around the store.

About the Company

WithMe is about helping you look good, through your social network and other connections. Our mission is to build an app that becomes the first port of call on style and fashion for youth all around the world. We benchmark with the best – Insta, WhatsApp, FB etc. –and are looking for folks who have the spunk to take on these guys.

The company is founded by four professionals from premier management institutes (IIMs, XLRI), with 10-13 years of experience each in entrepreneurial, CEO, consulting and fund management roles in companies like McKinsey, IDFC Private Equity, Tata AIG, TCS etc.

The company is funded by leading names from the fashion and media industry. 

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