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ViaTouch Interactive Solutions


VICKI was designed specifically to stand out. 

VICKI is an IOT self-checkout solution for retail. Powered by artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies, VICKI is a modern replacement for traditional vending experiences and the first retail solution to leverage AI at the point-of-sale. She takes the POS experience to the next level in an Amazon and Google world. 

VICKI's sleek back- and front-facing displays and directional audio make her a truly disruptive solution to the retail challenges of the 21st century. VICKI can understand her customers' habits, preferences and even questions. She can be placed anywhere you like, and loves to be in the middle of the crowd! 

Traditional solutions alike suffer from many business challenges. Often businesses have to combat theft, deal with complex inventory systems and managing transactions and payment systems. VICKI's auto-retail solutions streamline and eliminate those challenges by combining artificial intelligence with on-board hardware (Thumbscan, Screen, and NFC) and dedicated software system for managing all of your administrative needs.



  • Gets to know your customers, saves their preferences and learns their shopping habits

  • Humanized chat experience for FAQs and product questions

  • Targeted ads, sales and promotions


  • Payment is collected before door opens

  • Photo and video capture all customer events

  • Control VICKI access and permissions

  • IntelliShelf® – Advanced inventory technology


  • Choose the best products for your customers

    • Hot / cold food, drinks, electronics, pharmaceuticals, clothing, jewelry / accessories, home goods, cosmetics, etc.

  • Customize layout with advanced planograms-

    • Adjust height and width, quantity and types of products

  • Choose and design your own lighting effects

  • Add your own advertising and promotional videos/audio and control when seen

  • Exterior customization, including color and brand identity

  • Assign specific spaces to different vendors or products


  • Advanced biometrics including thumb and iris scan

  • Everyday Payment Methods-

    • Apple Pay
    • Android Pay

    • Credit Card

    • NFC and Native App

    • Key Code


  • Add your own advertising and promotional videos/audio

  • Control when ads and promotions are seen

  • Download apps and pickup free gifts

  • Movie trailers/merchandise tie-ins

  • Special offer codes

  • Customer loyalty discounts and promotions


  • Web-based admin portal provides access to:

    • VICKI Setup

    • Real-time inventory controls

    • Product Analytics and business dashboard

    • Advanced planogram

    • Customer data and tracking analytics

    • Customization controls and settings

    • Audio visual controls

    • Payment options and integration

    • General reporting

About the Company

We are a group of entrepreneurs, designers and engineers with over 50 years of experience in international marketing, innovative media, food services and cutting edge technology. Our Goal is to disrupt the consumer goods distribution industry by creating new and innovative business solutions Our Mission is to create an ecosystem of auto-retail devices, POS systems and applications that are enabled by artificial intelligence and other contemporary technologies to change the way customers shop and businesses operate.tom

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