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PFF is pioneering the intelligent movement of people and goods at just the right scale: larger than aerial drones but smaller than cars and trucks. PFF’s first product is Gita: a smart, nimble, cargo vehicle designed and engineered with the same attention to safety, braking, balancing, vehicle dynamics and performance that you would expect of a motorcycle or car. 

Think about how differently you would move if your hands were free, carrying cumbersome belongings wasn’t a consideration, and you had a companion who moved just like you do.
Gita is an intelligent and nimble cargo vehicle designed and engineered with the same attention to safety, braking, balancing and vehicle dynamics that you would expect of a high-performance motorcycle. 

In the follow mode, Gita learns how to navigate complex spaces by trailing an experienced guide equipped with a wearable: YOU! As it travels, it creates a 3D map of its surroundings. 

In environments Gita has already explored, it can move independently between waypoints. Gita detects and avoids obstacles should any features of the real world not coincide with its existing maps.


With the tap of a button, Gita can follow you, head off alone to a pre-assigned waypoint, or form a convoy with other Gitas. 

Gita is approachable and communicative. It uses lights, sounds, and a touchscreen interface to stay in touch. 

All Terrain
Gita has large wheels like a bicycle, so it can operate on irregular surfaces, indoors and outdoors, on sidewalks and streets, up and down ADA compliant ramps. 

Gita matches the full range of human mobility, with speeds that extend from a crawl to a sprint to a fast ride. Gita can move at up to 22mph. 

Never Lost
Gita always knows the way. Even if you are behind a tree or around the corner, it will always find you and catch back up. 

Gita's lid has a secure lock to protect its cargo. Gita is tracked at all times. It is equipped with a 360 degree camera. 

Gita is built to carry up to 40 pounds of cargo and a volume of up to nearly 2,000 cubic inches (the equivalent of a case of wine, a loaded rucksack, or two stuffed grocery bags). 

Long Range
Gita’s batteries will last for a full 8 hours when operated at walking speeds. It will follow you around all day without getting tired.

About the Company

PFF was founded in 2015 by the Piaggio Group to create lightweight, intelligent and autonomous mobility solutions for people and goods. PFF’s motto is “autonomy for humans” which means autonomy in the service of humans as well as greater freedom, pleasure, and efficiency in movement.


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