Our Solutions - Software Solutions To Address Your Product Information Management Needs 

Gladson enables our clients to tap into the most robust network of consumer goods information and resources for optimizing product sales in-store and online. 

Manage Your Brand and Digital Assets From One Platform

Reduce the margin of error when it comes to providing consistent, accurate, and manufacture-driven marketing materials and product information to your retailers. Our brand and digital asset management solution offers a single source of truth across departments to deliver the right product details and know what attributes are needed for each retailer in the fastest means possible across the brand-retailer ecosystem. 


Access Consumer Product Information Across Manufacturers

Access a single point of entry for product details from manufacturers in the food and consumer goods industries. These databases solution enable category management and eCommerce activities. Brands can cost-effectively and efficiently upload and disseminate their own content while retailers can access and research pricing, merchandising, and shelf-set strategies verified by Gladson. 


High-Quality Images For Product Marketing & Advertising

Increasing product sales relies on an efficient store layout designed for the shopper, accurate and complete product details and effective marketing and advertising campaigns. We catalog thousands of product images monthly from up to six angles in print and web formatted files to maximize the efficiency of developing high-quality campaign materials.  


The Gladson team is here to provide you with the most encompassing solutions to your data asset management and product information management needs. From store layout assistance and planogram development and training, to product cataloging and shelf edge merchandising, our team has the bandwidth and expertise to optimize your brick and mortar and eCommerce sales.

About the Company

Gladson is the Consumer Goods Industry's end to end source for digital product content solutions. We help our clients provide a seamless consumer brand experience online and in store, by providing the content and services to power today’s retailer and manufacturer applications.

Our enterprise-ready digital asset management and product information management solutions enable the most efficient and accurate transfer of information across the brand and retailer ecosystem on the market today. Gladson’s product content is captured in accordance with GS1 industry standards.

Gladson clients are able to increase in-store and eCommerce sales with detailed and verified product information that helps shoppers in their buying decisions, while our store optimization services enable attractive and effective store and shelf layouts to facilitate the path to purchase.

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