Global Commerce

Global Commerce

Salmon Ltd.


We keep it simple when it comes to global commerce. International websites can be implemented and managed centrally but tailored and controlled locally, for the best of both worlds.


  • Simplify your global commerce operations with easy to configure local websites and tailored international delivery.

About the Company

Salmon is a global commerce service provider that creates epic journeys for the world’s leading brands and the people behind them. 

We have 25 years of experience helping our clients embrace digital change, undertake transformational ecommerce projects, and completely reshape their brand, customer, and professional journeys. Simply put, we combine our technical know-how with creativity and a sense of adventure to make things happen.

With Salmon, clients grow their online revenue and profit. We are trusted to run commerce solutions that generate more than £3 billion in sales each year. 

We help brands across the globe chart and navigate the ever-changing digital landscape. With offices in London, New York, Sydney and Beijing, we serve a wide range of reputable clients including AkzoNobel, Argos, Audi UK, Game, Halfords, Premier Farnell Sainsbury’s and Selfridges. 

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