Blackton, LLC


Want to sell your gold, anywhere? A simple and quick process to exchange your gold for cash.

1) Find a kiosk near you.

2) Appraised in 2 minutes.

3) Get your cash instantly.


  • Find a kiosk near you using our tool
  • Get your items appraised: For only $2 we appraise your gold or silver in less than 2 minutes
  • Choose to get your cash: Each kiosk pays cash or Visa / MC debit cards

About the Company

Goldstur, the world's first and only, fully automated solution turning precious metals into cash announced today its entry into the marketplace.  

Starting now, consumers will have the opportunity to access a simple, accurate and quick way of exchanging their gold and silver for cash - all within two minutes or less.  Using Goldstur's groundbreaking technology to analyze at lightning speed, their kiosks will streamline the consumer's process for turning unwanted jewelry into cash.  

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