Grabango’s mission is to eliminate lines, and save people time. 

How We Got Here

Lines annoy us. They always have, so we decided to do something about it.  We’re a group of technology and retail experts that have come together to improve shopping for everyone. 

What We Do

We use advanced technology to give you back your time. Continue to shop the way you are used to and, when done, feel free to simply walk out of the store. 

Where We Are Going

Checkout-Free shopping has moved from science fiction into our modern present. As it becomes commonplace across retail brands, we will support all shoppers and retailers who want to use it.


Shop Without Lines

  • Shorter Lines
  • Free to All Shoppers
  • Faster, Easier Payment
  • Reward Offers During Shop (only if you want) 

Be More Efficient

  • Increased Sales & Loyalty 
    • Shoppers no longer hesitate to visit the store for fear of lines, even during peak periods. As convenience rises and barriers to entry fall, shoppers naturally prefer these modern checkout-free stores to the old fashioned manual ones. 
  • Reduced/Managed Shrinkage 
    • Grabango’s system recognizes and differentiates shopper and employee activities. Potential shoplifters are charged for all of the items on their person, even if hidden from view at checkout. Store personnel need not confront suspected shoplifters; the system does the work for them. Likewise, all employee activities are recognized and registered appropriately. 
  • Inventory Management & Out-of-Stock Alerts
  • Streamline Operations
    • Shoppers’ receipts are tallied as they make their way through the store, so the payment process is streamlined.  Automated check-out reduces congestion and lines, particularly at peak times.  Store employees are freed from the register to concentrate on customer needs and other higher value activities. 
  • Better Business Information & Analytics
    • Only with Grabango is the entire store digitized for assessment and optimization. The Grabango “Source of Truth” covers every product in the store. It includes an accurate, time-stamped database of all shopping events for managing every aspect of a well-run retail business. 

Why is Grabango Better? 

  • Superior Technology
    • Grabango’s system uses high-quality sensor hardware and high-precision computer algorithms to acquire the location of every item in the store. This results in a real-time planogram covering the entire retail environment. 
  • Designed for Scale
    • Grabango is the only Enterprise class technology vendor on the market today. The system is built for large-scale operations across thousands of retail locations, each stocking tens of thousands of unique SKUs in full-size facilities. 
  • ​​Highest Reliability
    • Every major component in Grabango’s system architecture is duplicated for redundancy. The fault-tolerant architecture also includes battery backup to deliver ultra-high availability. 
  • Source of Retail Truth
    • Grabango digitizes everything in the store, so it can be measured, managed and improved. This leads to the most convenient, safe and cost-effective shopper environments possible.

About the Company

Grabango is the leading provider of checkout-free shopper technology for existing stores. Our solution is the only enterprise class offering in the market today. Grabango's system is designed to accommodate thousands of store locations and tens of thousands of SKUs. Grabango's founder and CEO, Will Glaser (Founder, CTO Pandora Radio), has built a company that is at the forefront of today's retail technology revolution. Our unique design using computer vision and machine learning represents one of the biggest business opportunities of our time. We are a team of accomplished technology and commerce professionals. We’re creating a movement that will change the way retail businesses run and how millions of people will shop every day. ​

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