Industrial Graphics Corporation


COLLABORATE: evaluating the best high impact visual solutions together.

INNOVATE: connecting to the requirements of the project environment through prototyping and R&D.

CREATE: using what we’ve learned to create and manifest your ideal visual solutions.

DELIVER: delivering, installing, and executing all logistical needs.

PRODUCE: manufacturing, printing, and mass producing the visual solutions into reality.


  • igc believes the most effective way to influence a consumer is through their environment.
  • Architectural Graphics for Interior, Custom Architectural Ceilings, Retail & Point of Purchase, OEM & Manufacturing, Fleet Graphics.
  • Rapid Mount TM, Packaging solutions, Removable / Changeable Graphics, Point of Purchase Displays, Wall Coverings, Packaging and Corrugated, Backlits, Headers, Fixtures, Pop-Ups, Store in stores.

About the Company

As a large and small format printing company, our experience in design, brand development and durability, and our commitment to customer identity makes us an ideal partner for high impact graphics solutions. igc believes the most effective way to bring any environment to life is through a comprehensive strategic approach. We work with our world class clients to develop a complete package that allows for consistency of image across all consumer touch points. As graphics experts, we handle entire programs, from simple interior graphic design to full program management and installation. The sooner and deeper we are involved, the more we are able to value engineer your environment to increase it’s impact at a lower cost.

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