Our staff providing experienced & expert IT solutions with the aim of bringing a high level of I.T. support to the Small‐to‐Medium Businesses.  Crown Techie understand that excellent I.T. solutions are the key to the survival & the day‐to‐day operations of most companies as the need to cut running costs. 



  • Our help desk can provide you & your staff with support on many issues they may encounter during the working day. A quick phone call can sometimes prevent an office hours of none.  
  • Remote Control PC Assistance Many number of computer problems do not necessarily mean an engineer has to call out. Remote control access can save you money on callout charges as well as providing immediate response 
  • One Hour Call out Response Time Should a visit to your office be necessary, your business needs to be up & running A.S.A.P. 


About the Company

Crown Techie are the outsource of all IT. Services with a talented & dynamic service team, together providing you with everything an I. T. department provides a major corporation for a fraction  of the cost.