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Green Fence

Green Fence


Free platform for everyone, anywhere, anytime. Take greenfence everywhere with you. 

Remote digital auditing for the 21st century. 

  • Build and verify trust across your enterprise and supply chain. 

Now everyone has a scorecard. 

  • Differentiate performance with ratings, rankings and reviews.
  • Gain deep performance and competitive analysis and insights. 

The food industry’s only comprehensive authentication gateway.

  • Verification. Simplified. 

Harmonizing teams, systems and communications. 

  • Transforming how teams and systems work together.
  • One platform. All data. All customers. All reporting. All engaged. Fully interoperable. 

No more duplication. Reporting simplified.

  • One click automated reporting to all customers. 

Raising human performance.

  • The greenfence academy provides education, training and competency assessment for everyone. 

IoT and Big Data. Simplified.

  • Leading the convergence of IoT with big data and automation. 

Farmer’s banking network.

  • Providing primary producers with banking services anytime and anywhere.


  • Future of certification
    • Remote digital auditing for the 21st Century. 
  • Ratings, rankings and reviews
    • Differentiate performance both for your own organization as well as that of your supply chain. 
  • Authentication gateway
    • Verify anything and everything with certainty across your supply chain. 
  • Harmonization
    • One platform. All customers. All reporting. All engaged. Fully interoperable. 
  • Universal interoperability
    • Globalize and mobilize multiple independent teams and systems. 
  • Raising human performance
    • Setting a new standard in education, knowledge and skill development for everyone. 
  • IoT and Big Data
    • Leadership in converging the Internet of Things with Big Data and automation in the Food & Beverage industry. 
  • Microbanking
    • Providing primary producers with banking services anytime and anywhere. 
  • Shared value initiative
    • Empowering everyone in the end to end supply chain by providing value creation for stakeholders as well as society. 
  • Shared value is the cornerstone of greenfence.
  • Providing every stakeholder in the global nutritional eco-system with equal access and opportunity to:
    • utilize our platform, tools and educational systems for free
    • establish connections and distribution channels
    • share knowledge and science
    • enable better protection of earth’s most valuable resources

About the Company

greenfence is the world's first platform economy for the global food industry, connecting everyone from large retailers and certification services to small farmers and global scheme owners. Results: • Significantly reduce costs, increase capacity and grow revenue • New visibility and transparency across the supply chain • Universal interoperability that eliminates data silos and duplication • Increase trust through facilitating purchases from authenticated individuals and companies Find out more by visiting or

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