Develop people for life, not ladders. GroHappy helps companies build a culture of self-led learning by giving employees a platform to invest in themselves. 

How it works:

As an employee:

  • Complete bite-sized regular self-reflection activities to get clear on what you want from your career
  • Discover ways of pursuing your interests through personalised connections to courses, events and content

But I've got 400 other things on my plate! How will I find the time?

  • GroHappy is designed to be bite-sized enough to fit into the busiest persons week. Short self-reflection activities can be completed during a commute or quiet time at the weekend.

As an employer:

  • Get anonymised insights into the motivations and development desires of your people
  • Access toolkits to support proactive, positive career conversations

How will I justify the spend?

  • We believe that great career development is for everyone. With GroHappy, you only pay when employees actively use the platform, so you can be sure you're getting value for money.


Increase engagement & productivity

  • Engaged employees are more productive and profitable
  • Gallup estimates that over 70% of employees are disengaged which is a huge missed opportunity for many organisations. Through GroHappy you actively show employees that you're investing in them and recognising that there's more to work than work.

Support people to be their best

  • You've already got brilliant people
  • Imagine if everyone brought their full selves to work? GroHappy helps you harness the power of self-led learners by focusing on the sweet spot between what an employee is great at, what an employee is passionate about and what your company needs.

Understand your people better

  • A new lens through which to understand your workforce
  • While GroHappy is confidential to the employee, you receive anonymised insights that help you understand the motivations and development desires of your workforce. This helps identify talent development priorities and opportunities for targeted interventions.

Attract top talent

  • Show people that your company is THE place to work
  • Employees see through the initial lure of ping pong tables and free beers - they crave experience and growth. GroHappy helps you enhance your people value proposition and show your commitment to career development .

About the Company

Over breakfast in Brixton we wondered... "Does it have to be this damn difficult?"

As we reflected on our career journey we found that we both came up against the same hurdles:

  1. We didn't really know what we wanted
  2. We didn't know what small steps to take to figure it out
  3. We didn't feel able to have open conversations to explore how we might grow in our company

We found that many of our peers felt the same and saw that organisations struggle to provide the right support.

That's why we built GroHappy.

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