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Enabling execution visibility at each Point of Sale


GU Trade is an outstanding multi-platform app to help you maximize the effectiveness of your team on the ground. It provides you with the essential information for a successful and smart decision-making process. We have a dedicated team, fully involved in updating and improving the app. In this way, our customers are always at the forefront in a dynamic market in continuous development.

GU Trade has a Solution for every Challenge


Challenge: Team on the ground effectiveness maximization and work routes optimization

Solution: Geolocation of your work team, automatic check-in and check-out by Point of Sale and execution timing measurement

Challenge: Versatility to “be present” by Point of Sale in order to take corrective actions

Solution: Online information complemented by photographic records to easily correct deviations

Challenge: Presence optimization by Point of Sale

Solution: KPI’s generation for a quick follow up ensuring an accurate decision-making process

Challenge: Get and manage key information to drive sales growth and increase competitiveness

Solutions: Visualization of trade contracts, promotions, point of sale materials and planograms for a quick verification. Agile and intuitive tracking functions for pricing, out of stock and facing monitoring, as well as accurate share of shelf measurement.

We also offer three Premium services: GU Trade Analytics, GU Trade Buisiness Intelligence and GU Trade Assistant.

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Market dynamics have changed in recent decades. Companies need to incorporate new tools that help them keep up and be one step forward in terms of competitiveness. How am I positioned in the market? How do I evaluate my competition? Are trade contracts and planograms fully and correctly executed by point of sale? Am I taking advantage of all possible business opportunities in the market place?

GU Trade has a Solution for every Challenge​

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