Hanger Management

Hanger Management

SPC Retail Display Group


The Hanger Caddy™ hanger storage system from SPC Retail Display Group is a real money saver. It's easy to forget how much hangers cost, but employee time spent carting hangers around, as well as untangling and sorting them, adds up fast. And it's time these employees could be devoting to customer service. You also should consider hanger breakage and the simple unsightliness of boxes full of tangled hangers in your stores.


  • Automatically sorts and organizes hangers by style at point of sale.
  • Choice of carts for easy transport from the selling floor to the stockroom or distribution center.
  • Virtually eliminates hanger tangling and breakage.

About the Company

Service, Performance and Commitment are the core of SPC Retail Display Group's mission. SPC primarily serves retailers and brand marketers throughout the U.S., Mexico and Canada by providing in-house design, and domestic and import manufacturing of custom and standard wire, MDF, plastic and metal fixtures and POP displays. We also offer the Hanger Caddy™ hanger storage system, convenience carts, wire baskets, plastic display cases, display hooks, shopping carts, gondola accessories and more.

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