Real-Time Item Level Consumer Purchase Data Streams

Real-Time Item Level Consumer Purchase Data Streams

Information Machine LLC


The Information Machine (IM) API enables apps & web services to leverage a completely new category of consumer data: Real-time streams of item level purchase data, passively collected by the consumer from e-commerce and loyalty card enabled retailers.

Passively collected data streams enabled FitBit to change the fitness industry & to dominate personal finance apps. The Information Machine platform is primed to bring the same level of innovation to the retail industry.

The Data: Full transaction data along with detailed SKU/UPC level product data. Everything you'd expect to see on a paper receipt (and more) is streamed to your app from mulitple retailers daily. 

User Experience: Your app users are presented with a list of IM supported retailers, choose the places they shop, and create a one-time connection to the retailer which IM maintains for subsequent refreshes.

App Integration: A few lines of code allows your app to leverage the full power of the IM API. 


Today IM clients are building the future with passive & product level purchase streams.


Think the "Fitbit" of food. No more food logging. Instant personal analysis. Constant stream of data available for your app to pro-actively engage with your users. 


Personally relavant coupons based on past purchases. Instant evaluation of the life-time value of each user in a product category. Real-time measurement of the impact of the promotion and it's longevity. Automated coupon redemption validation without processing paper receipts.


From curated and timely recipes (we see you bought 2 lb of salmon last night, let's get cooking!), to reducing food waste by notifiying your users when their perishables are about to expire. Possibilities abound.


Build completely curated experiences leveraging a users entire purchase history aggregated from multiple retailers.


Better data = better recommendations. 


Unlock the value you create for your users Item level purchase streams!

About the Company

The Information Machine ("IM") API enables developers to integrate item level purchase streams into their apps. IM passively streams purchases from loyalty card and online purchases, as well as receipt and barcode scans. When a user requests services from an app enabled by IM, they passively collect the users' purchase history, add corresponding product data to these purchases and finally return a wealth of information, from nutrition to price, back to the user.

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