Motion Code - Securing online payments 

  • IDEMIA is full of innovative minds. And thanks to them, we have developed a seamless way to drastically enhance the security of Card-Not-Present (CNP) transactions. Motion Code cardholders will find that the traditional static 3-digit security code on the back of their card has been replaced by a mini-screen displaying a code, which automatically refreshes every hour. This solution renders copying of card information useless. By the time would-be fraudsters try to use it, the stolen number will have already changed several times.

Biometric Payment Card - Turning your fingerprint into your PIN 

  • Technology is changing the way humans can identify themselves. The use of biometrics improves security and usability of our identity – with the press of a finger, or the scan of a retina – and ensures that it remains your own. 

Digital Banking - Providing trusted digital banking experiences 

  • IDEMIA assists the financial sector in ensuring security and trust for their customers’ entire digital journey, from customer registration to the delivery of trusted services (strong authentication, digital signature and proof management, legally binding archiving, etc.).
  • IDEMIA's identification and trust services platform can be used to deploy countless applications, including new customer digital onboarding, sensitive operation approval (e.g. transfer orders, payments), secure multichannel cash management (SWIFTNet/FileAct, EBICS), authentication for online payments, multichannel online contracting for all types of financial products (loans, savings, life insurance), etc. 

Subscription Management - Managing connectivity with ease 

  • IDEMIA, with its subscription management platform and DakOTa eUICC, established a turnkey solution allowing mobile operators to remotely allocate subscriptions to connected objects. This comprehensive solution offers the most efficient, secure and transparent technology possible to serve the connectivity needs of mobile operators and to deliver a seamless experience to end-users. 

Mobile Identity - Accessing online services in a convenient and secure way

  • Accessing online services in a convenient and secure way 
  • IDEMIA’s Mobile Identity is a digital ID created by a mobile operator to enable users to access online services in a secure, private and convenient way, using their mobile devices. Establishing trusted identities is an absolutely vital step brought by IDEMIA KYC (Know Your Customers) digital identity solution. It is the most effective way of knowing who is in control of any networked device starting with the registration of the customer by the operator, using their official ID documents and, when possible, their biometrics. This can be done on-site with fingerprint scanners and document authentication or remotely using the user mobile device. It is then followed by the verification of those elements and the generation of a unique Digital ID. This is safely managed by the operator and available for the customer on their mobile - users can use this Mobile ID to authenticate to eServices using their mobile number along with a unique PIN or their biometrics. 

Mobile Financial Services - Managing your money on your mobile 

  • Through NFC, QR-code or mobile wallet technology, IDEMIA allows mobile operators to provide consumers with a convenient way to pay for goods and services, transfer and receive money and access mainstream financial services including loans, savings and insurance.
  • IDEMIA enables MNOs to deliver a wide range of financial services from person-to- person transfers to bill payments, via multiple channels. For example, along with Etisalat, IDEMIA has launched the first mobile wallet service in UAE, transforming the way a whole country pays for products everyday in a secure way. 

PEARL Connect - Powering your devices with secure contactless services & connectivity 

  • PEARL Connect by IDEMIA combines security capabilities of previous PEARL eSE generations with eSIM capabilities for seamless management of connectivity to cellular networks. It enables manufacturers to produce connected objects such as smartphones, smart watches and laptops with a dedicated interface to integrate payment, access control, transport and many other functions securely. PEARL Connect also comes with strong means of authentication, including state-of- the-art biometrics. 

IoThrive - Ensuring security from connected devices to the cloud 

  • IoThrive is a solution designed by IDEMIA which enables management of the entire security chain in the Internet of Things from hardware to services on networks such as LPWAN (LoRa, Sigfox), Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. IoThrive allows users to access and holistically manage an IoT environment, safe in the knowledge that the digital identity or cloud services on the network are authenticated and secure. 

3D Face Recognitio- Enhancing accuracy and convenience with advanced liveness detection 

  • IDEMIA’s new 3D Face Recognition solution allows an enhanced accurate biometric authentication that combines speed and robustness. It calculates the precise 3D geometry of the face captured by a dedicated 3D sensor. The unique facial features of the user are then compared with the ones already stored in the device for instant matching.
  • This solution targets OEMs.

MorphoCivis Suite - Ensuring trusted and reliable identities 

  • Field proven, MorphoCivis Suite allows modular adaptation and close control of costing while ensuring consistent and excellent quality. The produced ID has the potential to be used in a plethora of ways – to access financial services; to travel (accessing automated border control), to securely access online services using authentication factors (such as fingerprints or face recognition) and devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.). 

LASINK - Preventing forgery of identity documents 

  • DEMIA’s LASINK feature has been designed to be used either by our own personalization service centers or to equip national printing houses willing to enhance the security level of their documents.
  • Not only is LASINK improving the security of the identity document, it is also facilitating the automated verification of its authenticity thus expediting passport verification at borders as well as allowing users to access online services securely and without hindrance. 

Selfie-Check - Providing fast registration and online authentication 

  • Not only this, the creative minds at IDEMIA have upgraded their Selfie Check so that, when asking for authentication, the phone will ask you to move your head to the left, right or downwards; or maybe a combination of the three. By requesting random head movements, the selfie-check ensures that the user is a real and a live person.
  • With this solution, users can now remotely and securely confirm their identity either against a central biometric database or against an identity document, e.g. a passport. From now on, from the comfort of your home, you can create a secure digital identity to access further online services. Forget the queues, forget the stress! 

Video Investigation - Analyzing video data to accelerate investigations 

  • Video analysis is a major forensic resource that has changed the way crimes and cases are investigated. As technology introduces new image sources such as the 200 million cameras deployed worldwide in public places but also video coming from smartphones and social media, analyst and investigators are becoming increasingly outpaced by the volume of video evidence. IDEMIA’s Video and Image Analytic Platform is streamlining and speeding up the process.
  • Relying on embedded algorithms, analysts can process video sequences by detecting, recording and classifying the depicted elements of interest. As they sort through volumes of raw data, they can start a review based on the most relevant data, find clues faster and exploit their findings more quickly. This system provides law enforcement and the intelligence community with the tools to detect and deter criminal activity and protect critical infrastructure and public safety. 

MorphoPass - Facilitating airport passengers’ journeys 

  • MorphoPass manages the different stages in a passenger‘s journey through an airport, based on biometric identification. It offers enhanced quality of service for travelers at every step making the crossing of checkpoints faster and less intrusive at bag drop, airside access and passport control, as well as at boarding control.
  • Because of the automation and traceability of all passenger checks, MorphoPass is the ideal solution for airlines, airports, regulators and passengers. It also comprises a central system that manages passenger identification through all the identity checks needed for authentication and identification of the passenger. 

MorphoWave - Capturing fingerprints on the move in less than 1 second  

  • The business world is a bustling, busy place and no one has a second to waste. IDEMIA tapped into its innovation hub to create a frictionless security system for some of the busiest enterprises in the world. As employees enter office buildings, MorphoWave relies on a patented, truly contactless technology to accurately capture and match four fingerprints with a single hand movement and grant or deny access. The world’s first contactless fingerprint access solution helps companies boost efficiency without sacrificing security. The dynamic, touchless acquisition capability allows users to remain ‘on the move’ when passing through a control point, making it ideal for securing high traffic areas. 

IdentoGO Enrollment Services - Providing access for identity-related services 

  • Our expertise is deeply rooted in biometric technology, specifically, the secure capture and transmission of electronic fingerprints for employment, certification, licensing and other verification purposes. We are a trusted and an authorized service provider for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and one of the few companies approved to submit fingerprints to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as well as receive criminal history record information back from the FBI. 

Mobile Driver’s License -Securing and digitizing your driver’s license 

  • Just as your physical driver’s license is more than a photo on a card, IDEMIA’s mobile driver’s license combines breakthrough smartphone technology and biometrics that are linked and layered dynamically when the ID is presented. This assures you have a trusted credential that can be quickly authenticated, by machine or in-person, by retailers, bankers or law enforcement officers. 

ID-One PIV - Creating and managing secure and personalized access cards 

  • ​Personal Identification and Verification (PIV) smart cards are an essential part of U.S. Federal Government security. These ID credentials contain all the necessary data to grant cardholders access to facilities and information systems. The adaptable settings also ensure that only individuals with certain levels of security clearance have access to private rooms and confidential information. Ultimately, these credentials provide identity proofing, general authentication services and secure post issuance management.
  • IDEMIA’s solutions not only ensure that PIV smartcards are in compliance with current guidelines and technical specifications, but we make it our goal to exceed the latest government standards.


Enhanced, adaptable, strengthened and self-sovereign identity that creates a safer world for everyone.

Not long ago, we experienced a new wave of technology that drastically changed our world. Today, the pace of change quickens with each passing moment. We’re shifting from an ownership economy to a services economy, switching from physical documents to electronic ones, moving from in-person to online – all developments that generate a spike in exchanges and new business models involving new sectors, new players, new issues and new threats. Information now travels rapidly around the digitized world, defying boundaries and breaking the traditional codes of security. 

Empowering people to enjoy life through trusted identities

At IDEMIA, we embrace this new reality and we understand the security concerns that accompany advancement. We analyzed the world around us and reinvented the concept of identity.

We call it Augmented Identity – an identity that ensures privacy and trust and guarantees secure, authenticated and verifiable transactions. An identity that is so enhanced and adaptable that it allows us to truly enjoy life – because securing our identity is key to making our world a safer place.

A safer, more streamlined identification

We now use our identity to pay, travel, cross borders, commute every day, have fun, open a bank account, seek medical care and use our connected devices – and this list will only continue to expand in the coming years.

Given the vast range of environments and usages, securing our identity has become mission critical in the world we live in today. However, we recognize that even the strictest security measures are useless if they complicate usage – they must then be convenient and user-friendly. We also observed that our lifestyles demand a level of continuity never seen before. Indeed, we need our identity to travel with us seamlessly – whether in the physical or digital world or for government, civil or commercial usages.

Only you can be you

Our promise is simple: with our technology and innovations in hand, only you can be you.

In designing our market-leading solutions, we rely on the most physical, natural and authentic verification: the body’s own biometric data. Your identity can be verified with a simple glance or the tap of a finger – which means that your identity cannot be stolen, imitated, jeopardized or corrupted. You are in direct control of your personal information. We have brought together complementary know-how and technologies that have never been combined before. Not only does our technology help consumers travel with passports, pay with smartphones but it helps them identify themselves securely and effortlessly. And with every technological disruption, we adapt to meet the new and evolving security demands of today and tomorrow.


    Increasing security and creating a transparent user experience, Motion Code conforms to standard credit card format and thickness and does not require any re-education or change in behaviour.
    The dynamic security code promises immediate acceptance by all online merchants and increases trust in online transactions.
    A ready-to-go solution for banks and financial institutions including the card issuance and the server which secures online transactions by shortening the validity of the cryptogram security code.


    Payment security is reinforced and governments are able to distribute social benefits knowing that they will reach the intended beneficiary and prevent identity fraud.
    In a highly competitive market, the ease and simplicity of the biometric payment card will help banks keep their cards “top of wallet” for their customers
    With the higher level of security afforded by biometric verification, merchants can extend the threshold of contactless payments, which are currently capped at smaller amounts.


    IDEMIA’s offer is compliant with regulations and international standards such as KYC regulations related to anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing act, eIDAS, NIST, PSD2.
    By preventing identity theft and identity fraud and preserving integrity of data over time, IDEMIA digital banking offer is helping reducing fraud.
    By leveraging the customer’s daily use of technology: selfie, fingerprint sensors, smartphone… the solution is improving customer journey while providing security anywhere, anytime.


    IDEMIA is committed to protect the integrity and confidentiality of mobile operators’ credentials for the remote management of subscription profiles both in the consumer devices and M2M spaces. The solution has obtained a wide range of industry certifications and is compliant with GSMA specifications.
    Seamless management of cellular connectivity is one of the cornerstones for the large-scale deployment of IoT applications in many industrial verticals. With IDEMIA, mobile operators can answer their global connectivity needs without any compromise on security.
    End-users can enjoy the capabilities of a plethora of connected devices working “out-of-the-box”. The objects are securely and intelligently connected to a mobile network.


    The solution biometric performance has been certified at the highest level by internationally-recognized organisations (FBI, Indian STQC, …).
    Mobile ID enables mobile operators to comply with pre-paid customer registration regulations and prevent ID fraud.
  • REVENUE GENERATOR                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     The solution enables easy access to a wide range of online services in a secure way, allowing mobile operators to monetize their customer database. 


    To protect customers’ financial and personal information, the platform relies on a number of advanced mechanisms, including voice, pin and phone authentication.
    IDEMIA enables mobile operators to create a complete end-to- end ecosystem for mobile commerce.
    The solution makes it possible for mobile operators to extend their brand into new markets and therefore attract new customers by offering differentiated financial services.


    PEARL Connect ensures the privacy of users’ data and applications. It is certified by major payment actors including VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and China UnionPay. It also complies with latest GSMA eSIM specifications for consumer devices.
    PEARL Connect saves space in the devices and simplifies the supply chain for OEMs by combining for the first time the eSE and eSIM functions in a single chip.
    PEARL previous generations have been adopted by leading handset and wearable device makers to secure critical use cases: over 250 million units are already deployed in the field. PEARL Connect also inherits IDEMIA’s expertise in eSIM in both wearable and PC devices.


    IoThrive secures the entire security chain from the connected object to the cloud. No longer is it necessary to piece together different products from multiple companies.
    Thanks to a proven expertise in secure components, security solutions together with great partnerships, IoThrive is a reliable certified solution.
    With the ever growing number of usages performed using the IoT, IoThrive is designed to adapt to the requested level of security and customer needs.


    The 3D technology provides full liveness detection through a precise analysis of the face structure for an unparallel security level.
    3D Face recognition provides great user experience in addition to effortless security. No specific action is required from the end-user and the use of invisible infra-red light makes the technology non-intrusive.
  • MARKET REACH                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  3D Face recognition works on all new Android phones. Its Reference Design Kit (RDK) will soon be available for easy deployment on mobile devices. 

 MorphoCivis Suite BENEFITS 

    The solution enables governments to reduce costs-of-ownership and deployment leadtime, and to focus on their Identity Management processes rather investing in large scale in-house IT development. IDEMIA is the only company with proven large scale off-the- shelf solution deployment covering all the necessary technologies (smart identity documents, systems, multi-biometrics, terminals and integration services).
    MorphoCivis Suite is delivered as a set of components that are independent and fully scalable. Components can be integrated into an existing system or delivered as a completely integrated new system.
  • ULTRA-SECURE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Each component of the solution is designed to detect threat patterns and to fight several types of identity fraud, in compliance with privacy and international regulations. 


    LASINK is an additional security feature protecting efficiently your picture. Once you see the LASINK trade mark on the document, you can be sure of its authenticity.
    LASINK has been designed to be used by our own personalization services as well as to equip national printing houses.
    LASINK cards can be verified in many ways: with the naked eye as the feature is easily recognizable, with a magnifying glass to check there is no color overlap, with a LASINK filter; by border control machines and even with a smartphone camera using a specific algorithm. 


    Our upgraded technology recognizes the liveness of the image, so not even the best facial reproduction can fool the camera.
    The technology leverages the built-in camera of a smartphone, tablet or computer and is compatible with major operating systems.
    The easy-to- use interface allows even the greatest technophobe to have biometrically secure access to their phone anytime.


    Able to process 500 hours of HD video in 10 hours using embedded algorithms.
    The system allows researchers and analysts to work simultaneously on the same case.
    Accurate and speedy analysis of video footage helps law enforcement agencies to catch criminals and protect public safety.

MorphoPass BENEFITS 

    The MorphoPass adheres to the security regulations of all major travel authorities around the world.
    The quick biometric confirmation of passengers’ identities facilitates the boarding process.
    The efficient and fully integrated system reduces operating costs.

MorphoWave BENEFITS 

    The patented touchless sensor captures 4 fingerprints.
    Easily copes with dry and wet fingers, eliminates ghost images left on scanner and mitigates hygiene concerns.
    Extensive customization capabilities include user dedicated messages, corporate video and wallpapers. 


    Whether you’re a transportation worker, a frequent traveler or a job seeker, IdentoGO Centers provide straightforward, convenient services for a variety of identification needs.
    IDEMIA leverages longstanding trusted relationships with U.S. government agencies to provide verified data from sources like the FBI to ensure data accuracy.
    Whether you need to speed through airport check-in or you need a background check for your job, IdentoGO Centers value your trust and your time.


    Our integrated mobile driver’s license provides the convenience and option of both phone technology and biometric technology, together, in a genuine and broadly accepted driver’s license accessible on your smartphone.
    Our biometric enabled mobile driver’s license is dynamically authenticated with your record on file with your state’s Motor Vehicle Agency ensuring only you can assert your identity.
    With the mobile driver’s license, updating your ID with a name change or new address can be done in real-time and initiated directly from the app on your phone. You also have the flexibility to manage the information you share when showing your ID at any time, providing you with the highest level of privacy management. 


    Grant varying levels of access to facilities and information systems.
    Products and services are always in compliance with current guidelines and technical specifications.
  • FAST
    ID-One PIV on Cosmo V8 Smart Card is five times faster than existing cards. Physical access control compliant with FICAM specifications is now possible in under one second.

About the Company

IDEMIA is the global leader in trusted identities for an increasingly digital world, with the ambition to empower citizens and consumers alike to interact, pay, connect, travel and vote in ways that are now possible in a connected environment. Securing our identity has become mission critical in the world we live in today. By standing for Augmented Identity, we reinvent the way we think, produce, use and protect this asset, whether for individuals or for objects, by ensuring privacy and trust and guarantees secure, authenticated and verifiable transactions – whether for Financial services, Telecom, Identity, Security and IoT. With close to €3bn in revenues, IDEMIA is the result of the coming together of OT (Oberthur Technologies) and Safran Identity & Security (Morpho). This new company counts 14,000 employees of more than 80 nationalities and serves clients in 180 countries.


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