Image Tracking SDK

Image Tracking SDK

ARLab --Augmented Reality Lab


What is image tracking?

Image tracking engine. Once you recognize the image you can follow it to super pose extra information. This engine tracks the image position at any time and returns several information about it: the image you have recognized and the current position of the image (four corners).The engine has built in functions to overlay 2D images and videos ( this feature requires multi core devices ). The engine is not optimised to overlay 3D content yet. This engine is available for iOS.  

Image tracking features

Obtain robust and reliable tracking and fast recovery

Add and remove images from the pool in execution time

Load your images from the mobile resources or from an url.

Take advantage of our built in camera view or just create your own views.

Use the support image streaming processing.



  • Real time image tracking.
  • Extremely fast updates.
  • Thousands of images supported within pools of 50-60 images.
  • No Internet connection needed.
  • Extreme angles (up to 90-degree rotations).

About the Company

ARLab is a Spanish company based in Madrid (Spain). We are focused on pushing the limits of Augmented Reality for smartphones, desktops and all other platforms.

Our product suite is putting the most advanced Computer Vision algorithms, full AR functionality, and a complete 3D engine in any developer's hands thanks to our proprietary SDK.

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