Information Management Solutions

Information Management Solutions

Management Science Associates


In the wild world of consumer packaged goods, the competition is fierce, the consumers are fickle and the supply chain with the fewest kinks wins.

Here, data is king. And that’s where IMS comes in. Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor or broker, we provide the highest quality data to give you that all-important edge.

Want to spot and take advantage of new trends? No problem.

Need to know what independent stores have the highest potential for your products?  Easy as pie.

Want to set up electronic-ordering of products for stores and leave messy paper forms behind? We got it.

Our team can help you soup to nuts. And we have the chops to prove it. For over forty years, we’ve performed wonders for giants in health and beauty, household goods, beverages, snacks and confections, tobacco products, vending, publishing, retail and distribution and more.

And we can do it for you. At a price tag you’ll buy.


  • Every week, our Data@Factory™ receives some 7,000 distributor-warehouse files, reporting its shipments to over one million unique retail outlets.
  • No one else gathers, cleans, integrates, warehouses and analyzes the vast amounts of sales and marketing data that we do.
  • We can break out the data for all brands – even your competitors’ products – by each outlet in each class of trade.

About the Company

For five decades, we’ve used analytics and informatics to help customers answer questions and solve problems.   Every day, we analyze information, develop systems, manufacture data and create IT infrastructure to help inform decision-making, forecast outcomes, and automate workflow and process.   And while our success comes from our innovative thinking and attention to detail, it also springs from a fact we never forget: Our customers are the reason we are here. They’re our biggest source of information and inspiration. They know what their challenges are and where their opportunities lie. And we’re great at listening and learning about them. We dig deep to get a real understanding of our customers. Customer service defines our company.   That’s how we’ve grown – focusing on solving problems one customer and one project at a time.   Today, MSA serves institutions and companies across a spectrum of industries, from consumer packaged goods, media and IT to medical, life sciences, pharma, and even the arts. We’ve been fortunate to work with some of the largest corporations in the world, including such respected brands as The Hershey Company, United States Steel Corporation, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company and Duquesne University, just to name a few.

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Company Size:  501-1000 employees
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