Collaborative Authoring - Create and collaborate on digital content without writing a single line of code.

Inkling offers a vast selection of rich media widgets and interactive learning tools.  Select the content type you need and drop it onto the page.  It's really that simple.  Just add content  For quick and painless content creation, automated import of old files brings content onto the page.  Even better, multiple authors and editors can work at the same time on editing and adjusting the content until it's just right.  Embedded comments allow for sharing ideas while real-time editing makes collaboration easy.  

Live updates - Imagine the power you'll feel when you push out new content and updates to all employees at every location...with the simple click of a button.  

With digital publishing, your content always reaches your intended audience without delay.  Never worry again about what version of an operational guide is being utilized or whether updates are being implemented.  Employees access only the most up-to-date version of each piece of content you publish to ensure utilization of the correct information, even when offline.  And, on those reare occasions when an error is made, simply roll back to a previous version without any fuss.  Publish content with a simple click for immediate delivery of a simple accessible version.  

Interactive Experiences - Engage employees with dynamic content that is always available, even offline.

Spark employee engagement by empowering them with knowledge in the palm of their hands.  Little to no training is required to discover and engage with operational content.  Contextual videos bring procedures to life, interactive How To's encourage practive and checklist ensure the completion of critical safety and compliance items.  Regardless of wifi, bandwidth, or device type, employees always have access to reference guideds and job aids.  All content automatically renders correctly with responsive design, regardless of screen size, and access is persistent, even when employees are offline.  

Powerful Search - Increase employee productivitiy with search and discovery capabilities for all operational content.  

Remove barriers to discovery by providing search capabilities for your most important business content.  Productivity increases exponentially when employees no longer waste time looking through paper versions or outdated files that suffer from lack of versioning control.  With one centralized location for reference guides and job aids, employees always know where to look to find the information they need to perform their job and delight customers.  

Actionable Reports - Measure content effectiveness, employee engagement, and operational consistency across all locations.  

To capture any sort of real and trackable data about your reference guides and job aids, digital publishing is a must.  Paper and PDF's don't provide feedback on who has read the content, let alone how engaged the viewer is with the information.  With digital content, embedded analytics provide insights into content usage by employees, stores, or offices. Measurement of content effectiveness, employee engagement, and operational consistency across store locations is made easy.  There's no better way to promote the integrity of the brand and the consistency of service across locations than to follow the metrics.


Simple Content Creation

  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Drag-and-drop widgets
  • Automated content imports

Collaborative workflow

  • Multi-author editing
  • Comment & assign tasks
  • Every change is saved 

Content Delivery

  • One-click publishing with immediate digital delivery and real-time updates
  • Single accessible version of each content piece
  • Saved copies of all updates for easy rollback to previous versions 

Dynamic Content

  • Rich media (videos, images, slideshows, etc.)
  • Online learning tools (flashcards, quizzes)
  • Mobile Benefits
  • Beautiful, responsive design
  • Always-on, even when offline  


  • Search within and across documents
  • Predictive queries
  • Contextual results 
  • Metrics and reports

Analytics dashboard

  • Employee engagement reports
  • Integration with third party BI tools

About the Company

Inkling is the modern approach to creating and sharing knowledge through an end-to-end cloud publishing platform for your most important content.

Picture a platform that makes it easy to create inspiring, interactive materials without any coding or labor intensive production process. A platform that works just as hard to protect your content as it does to ensure its reliable delivery across devices. A platform that helps you engage your audience in the ways you always wished you could. That’s Inkling.

As the industry’s leading cloud publishing platform, we make it possible to create beautiful, interactive content and share it securely with customers, employees, or partners, across all devices, anywhere in the world.

How do we do it? Through a suite of next-generation, cloud-based products that can take you from content creation to content consumption. Inkling Habitat is our collaborative and cloud-based authoring environment that gives you the creative freedom to develop compelling content experiences for digital or print. If you want to distribute your content digitally, Inkling Axis, our off the shelf distribution solution, and Inkling Latitude, our flexible SDK, enable next-generation and customizable content experiences for today’s mobile-ready business.

Inkling was founded in San Francisco with a vision to reinvent the way knowledge is created and shared. We’re backed by Sequoia Capital, featured in Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies, and ranked #105 in Inc. Magazine’s Top 500 fastest growing companies.

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