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Advanced image recognition system provides accurate and relevant information about products on the shelves and helps brands and retail to improve on-shelf availability, in-store execution and increase sales​


Computer vision company for retail. We help retail save money and earn more via lower OOS and higher planogram compliance. 

Accurate and relevant information about the goods on the shelves helps brands and retail to increase sales.

CPG brands and retailers are losing up to 10 billions of dollars in lost sales due to the inability to monitor shelf space and making goods available to the customer. 

  • Inefficient operations
    • Merchandisers and sales representatives are working two times more effective with supervisor than by themselves.
  • Empty shelf space
    • 8% of shelf space sits empty in average store that results in failed sales plan and lost competition.
  • Massive fraud
    • Up to 30% of the reports submitted by merchandisers and sales representatives are false due to complexity, lack of time and low motivation. 

Inspector Cloud Announces Industry First DIY Retail Image Recognition Win

October 18, 2017. Inspector Cloud today announced that it has been selected by the top Eastern European wall finishing brand to provide retail image recognition service that will support Brand's instore execution in 3,500 outlets. The deployment will enable the Brand with timely and accurate data on merchandizing standards compliance and competitive environment across the retail universe. 

This is the world's first large scale retail image recognition deployment in DIY sector. 

Inspector Cloud was awarded the contact based on results of the pilot project which proved its ability to provide accurate real-time shelf image recognition for a wide range of products across all different DIY store formats and seamlessly integrated with existing SFA system.

About the Company

Retail chains account for most sales of fast-moving consumer good (FMCG) brands, however lack of information concerning on-shelf availability continually leads to out-of-stock situations, which leave a negative impact on brands and retail chains. At the same time, retail chains are focusing on filling in the gaps on the shelves with SKUs that they have in stock, thus decreasing planogram compliance levels. Inspector Cloud, however, has an altogether better solution. It provides a free license to use its retail audit SaaS for retail chains. With Inspector Cloud's new technology, retail chains will only require to commit to delivering information to FMCG brands in a negotiated period of time. This same program which helps with decreasing out-of-stock situations can also help retail chains to raise productivity of its in-store staff and sell more items as well. 

Stephen Kreeger, former Commercial Director of Metro Russia, Managing director of Metro Kazakhstan, Purchasing Director of X5 Retail Group and now a mentor of Inspector Cloud asserts: "I see this as a new opportunity for offline retail to in some ways mirror e-commerce where normally OOS is not a common phenomenon. After all, you cannot find empty spaces on Amazon's front page. The Freemium model is definitely the right step for retail chains as they develop means to increase their NPS in an atmosphere of very tough price competition".

Inspector Cloud, having originally expanded throughout Eastern Europe, has recently relocated to the United States, as it continues to expand in the North American market. It continues to see increasing month over month growth as more businesses become aware of its value proposition.

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