Instant Stocktaking

Instant Stocktaking



As completion among retailers is always fierce, sales activities do require not only a salesperson's good customer service and selling skills, but also more product details to persuade potential customers to make purchase.

Mobilogics has developed a solution for retailers to instantly respond to potential customers' needs and wants. With your own customized app and our MFi mobile barcode scanners, aScan and iPDT5, your sales team is able to scan barcodes to immediately show stock availability and product information.


  • To enrich your sales activities.

About the Company

Founded in 2009, Mobilogics is an expert in "Appcessory." We named our product line as "Appsessory = Apps + Accessory", which enables our partners to operate business with mobile solutions.   Mobilogics provides companies worldwide with mobile solutions that reduce manual processes and improve productivity as well as efficiency. Our MFi certified barcode scanner and Beacon series streamline operations in a wide variety of markets such as retail, logistics, point of sale. Mobilogics not only offers ODM hardware appcessories but develops applications for various mobile devices. We attempt to satisfy our partners with both software and hardware services.

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