Intelligent 3D Printing

Intelligent 3D Printing

MakerX Inc.


Make your 3D printer smart.

MakerX is an Internet-enabled wireless device that makes it easy and convenient for you to get 3D printing, no experience needed! Just plug it into your printer and let it take care of the fine details: simply upload 3D .STL files to the cloud, prepare them for printing, and send them over the air to your MakerX and 3D printer. Get the most out of your printer with features such as webcam monitoring, amazing timelapses, and custom notifications.

MakerX is here to help. Just get printing.


  • Cloud Print: Print wirelessly & easily from anywhere.
  • Dashboard: Monitor printer status & environment conditions.
  • Journal: Auto log all print settings for better & quicker future prints.
  • Live Stream: Watch your beautiful creation come to life.
  • Smart Time Lapse: Capture the key moments in your 3D print.
  • Manual Override: Pause, resume & restart your print job as you wish.
  • Red Alert: Something gone wrong? Cut off power automatically and get alerted!
  • Custom Notifications: Easily integrate with IFTTT to get the notifications you want.
  • Dispatch: Have multiple printers? Dispatch, queue & control easily from a single interface.

About the Company

Love your 3D Printer again.

3D Printing is the future. Be at the forefront of it. Let MakerX help you love your 3D Printer again and rekindle your love for 3D Printing.

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