Intelligent Heating

Intelligent Heating

Automation Environments


You can’t avoid the costs of heating your buildings to a comfortable level or providing hot water, but you can minimise them — whatever type of heating system you have. In fact, it’s possible to shave a third off your heating costs, provided you take the correct approach. Our system can intelligently manage your heating costs and because it is fully automated, you never have to worry about something being left on or running too high again. The average small business heating spend is £1,349, by cutting a third off this you can save over £400/year, giving a fantastic return on investment.


  • Automatically maintain room temperatures for comfort
  • Avoid Wasting Heat
  • Only Heat Rooms When They Are Occupied
  • Respond to weather conditions automatically


About the Company

Automated Environments designs, installs and programs integrated control and automation systems for residential and commercial applications.

  • Lighting & Temperature control
  • Motorized shades, draperies, blinds
  • Audio & Video systems
  • Alarm & Surveillance

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