Inter-store Inventory Balancing Solutions

Inter-store Inventory Balancing Solutions



It is common for a retailer to be completely sold out of a particular SKU in some stores, while this same SKU is in abundance in other stores. Inter-Store Inventory Balancing is a sophisticated analytical tool that generates inter-store transfer schedule for merchandise that takes into account costs, assortment rules, store shelf capacities, warehouse inventory, store proximity and much more. You will be surprised how quick you will clear slow moving merchandise, boost inventory turnover, and easily avoid unnecessary discounts.


  • Reduce inventory costs by up to 40%.
  • Increase comparative store sales by up to 20%.
  • Avoid unnecessary markdowns, and get a second chance to sell at full price.

About the Company

Retalon is a leading provider of Retail Predictive Analytics solutions for supply chain, inventory management, pricing, merchandising, planning, and marketing operations. Retalon products range from task-oriented solutions to a common analytic platform, resulting in tangible optimization of the supply chain and significant measurable benefits for the entire organization. 

Retalon is a transformational approach to the retail industry. From inception, our solutions were built on a common analytic platform that takes into account the entire retail business process which produces the highest accuracy possible. Our predictive analytics technology empowered retail businesses with advanced analytics that uncover hidden opportunities, and significantly increase bottom and top lines. 

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