Interactive Floor and Wall Displays

Interactive Floor and Wall Displays

Po-motion Inc.


Get your hardware ready: You’ll need a computer, a sensor (USB webcam or Kinect for Xbox One) and a display (TV or projector). While we don’t sell hardware, our Setup Guides will show you exactly what you need.

Install the software: Our software is the brains behind every installation. It’s available in three versions tailored to the needs of everyone from hobbyists to world-class agencies. Games are sold separately.

Get some games: Choose from hundreds of games and interactive visualizations in our Games Library, install them, and have fun!

Or make your own game: Design your own games using our online Motion Maker Tools. Upload artwork and design interactions, then see your game in action!


  • Deployed in thousands of installations worldwide.

About the Company

PO-MO Inc. is an R&D boutique design shop specializing in the creation of large and small scale interactive displays for museums, advertising, education and events. The company began in 2010 as an event services agency, designing software and hardware solutions for parties in North America. In 2011, PO-MO launched, the world's first hardware agnostic interactive projection platform, complete with simple online design tools for artists, advertisers and event planners. No coding is required to create your own custom interactive projection installation. 

Today have over 4000 active installations worldwide. 

In late 2013, PO-MO Inc. launched Lumo Play, a consumer projector designed to bring the game creation system and physically engaging experiences of Po-motion software into the home. 

Currently, Lumo Play is being developed in PCH Intl.'s hardware accelerator (Highway 1) and it is expected to become available in late 2014, early 2015. Learn more at 

PO-MO works with a variety of partners in the development and execution of interactive display installations, including Phantom Motion, Tensen Design and Pixel Reborn.

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