IoT Payments Solution

IoT Payments Solution



MiPayWay is the simple, secure way to send and receive tips, donations and gratuities through your mobile device. With our patent pending pocket-sized beacon and encrypted app your tips, donations and transactions can be sent and received instantly and securely.


  • Gratuity: Private users are individuals who will receive tips from tippers via MiPayWay. Examples would be valets, shuttle bus drivers, hair stylists, street musicians, bartenders, tour get the idea.
  • Store: This is for business owners who need a smart way to receive payments without the hassle and expense of a merchant account.  You can use MiPayWay not only as an easy payment method, but for tips too. Examples would be small boutiques, pop-up stores, shared retail space shops, farmer's markets stands or food trucks Mmmm food trucks. 
  • Non-Profit: This is the tool for non-profits have been waiting for. With MiPayWay organizations can track donations, build a donor database and even provide detailed verifications to donors for tax purposes. You'll never have to hear "sorry - I don't have any cash" ever again. 

About the Company

MiPayWay is an IOT (Internet of Things) service that enables people around the globe to send and receive payments using a patent pending method. MiPayWay empowers individuals, corporations and their employees to receive payments, tips or donations using a personal identification device or station known as the MiPayWay button. Once the MiPayWay application detects the button, the application makes it easy for the end customer to send payments, tips or donations, up to 200 feet away, without the need of a credit card swipe, touch-payment, or data entry to find the recipient, and then seamlessly completed over a secure Internet connection.

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