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iPad POS

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Manage your business anywhere, any time with the iPad point of sale system loved by merchants everywhere. Instore customers enjoy promotions, analytics, payments, rewards, and much more built right in, so business can be simple.

At Instore, our mission is to help retailers thrive in a competitive world. We accomplish this through thoughtful, easy to use POS software that makes your business better and more profitable. 


  • Payments maestro: Accept any payment type everywhere around your store. Enjoy better tips from customers, delighting your employees and increasing retention. No Internet? No problem. Use Instore’s Offline Processing feature. Your business won’t skip a beat.
  • Labor baked in.: Managing employees is critical to your success, but can also be a headache. Instore’s Labor Management tools give you greater insight into your employees, help optimize staffing, and save time on payroll.
  • Customer Rewards: Leave the customer tracking to us, knowing something about nearly everyone who walks in your store. Reward customers for how much they spend, magically and painlessly without slowing the checkout line. Motivate customers to purchase and pay with gift cards, your most profitable form of payment.

About the Company

Instore is the world's easiest-to-use point of sale, helping your business run more efficiently and increase revenue. Instore includes credit card processing, labor management, gift cards, integrated rewards, and a full-featured backend to view sales and manage your business. Built-in promotions and social media make it easy for store owners to market their business to customers.

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