iPad POS

iPad POS

Bindo Labs, Inc.


Feature-Packed Register: Run your business more efficiently than ever with 300+ features from invoicing to time clock.

Inventory Management: Our inventory management system fills your library with essential information instantly.

CRM & Reward Programs: One directory for all your customer info, reward program status, store credit and gift cards.

Actionable Analytics: Detailed metrics neatly presented to help you see what needs to be improved and how.


  • Over 200 features. More features are being added every month.

About the Company

Bindo is an O2O cloud-based iPad POS solution for retailers large and small. Our CRM and inventory management platform helps merchants acquire more repeat customers across multiple channels, while vastly improving operational efficiency by reducing inventory wastage. Additionally, Bindo POS has robust APIs that can integrate with countless third party apps such as Quickbooks, Xero, ERP, legacy POS, Shopify, payment gateways and other eCommerce software. 

In a few months, we will be releasing Bindo Marketplace: a consumer app that aggregates all the stores using Bindo POS onto one platform, allowing consumers to purchase online from their favorite neighborhood store, and have it delivered. In doing so, we aim to close the loop between the online and the offline. As the network grows, Bindo becomes a real-time product graph, connecting brands, consumers and merchants. 

Over 3,000 merchants globally use Bindo, and we have processed over $US 1bn in the last few months alone. We have offices in New York, Hong Kong, Rhode Island, Shanghai, and many other cities around the world.

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