iPad POS

iPad POS



Our intelligent POS App is beautiful and powerful, yet easy to use, enabling retailers focus on delivering a great customer experience. Use Shopwave to make smarter business decisions and generate more revenue.


  • Suitable for all retailers, from a pop-up to a global estate.
  • Real-time performance dashboard.
  • Enterprise grade cloud data and analytics platform.

About the Company

Shopwave provides merchant infrastructure as a service, combining an iPad based PoS, with loyalty, couponing and payment services. 

Current PoS providers are expensive, fragmented and have built walled gardens around their products. This makes it difficult for all but the largest retailers to integrate third party services such as loyalty, couponing, voucher redemption, bookings, payments and check-in at basket level. Each of these services provides an opportunity for retailers to increase footfall, revenue and profit, yet in many cases retailers are held back by their current PoS systems. 

With Shopwave we aim to solve this problem, providing easy to use, cost effective merchant infrastructure with an open API for retailers that require advanced flexibility.

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