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iPad POS

Shoptree Inc.


Shoptree is point-of-sale, payments, inventory and customer management software for your business.

Smart & Intelligent Software: Smart, intelligent and easy-to-use software with a friendly user interface helps your employees get their work done faster across your store.

Real time Reporting: Enjoy the freedom of viewing real-time data of your business on-the-go, and work where and when it suits you.

Restaurants: Complete Restaurant & Bar Management System. Take Orders at the table on a tablet and serve more customers in less time.

Shoptree Payments: Accept cash and card transactions anywhere, anytime with all the features you need to sell on your iPad.

Products & Pricebooks: Create a single product or bundle a set of products into a composite. Manage promotions, location specific prices, taxes & discounts.

Simple stock management: Our stock management feature will help you in managing the stocks, ordering the stocks, stock wastages and in stock auditing with ease.

Advanced Employee Permissions: Control which employee can do what with the help of 35+ permission sets without compromising their functionality and efficiency.

Receipts & receipt templates: Tailor your Receipts to the precise needs of your business and also deliver your tickets to the kitchen printer wirelessly.

Integrations: Integrate directly with e-commerce store, accounting software, payroll management, marketing tools and many other apps.

Customer Support: You have full access to our community support portal. Email, Remote Assistance & Live in-app support available on working business days.


  • Any Device: Works on any device with a web browser. Simple, Elegant & highly customizable.
  • Cloud Connected: Access and manage your POS from anywhere in the world. No need to worry about backups.
  • Take Control: Keep track of Inventory, Sales & Customers data in real time across all your stores.

About the Company

Shoptree is cloud based point-of-sale (POS), payments, inventory and customer management software for business.

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