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IT Retail Inc

IT Retail Inc.

Retail Market POS System


Retail MARKET is the first cloud-based POS designed specifically for the grocery industry. With its powerful employee tracking, sales analysis, and store management tools, Retail MARKET is the product of choice for the 1-5 lane grocer. Gain access to all the grocery hardware, pricing tools, and EBT/WIC capabilities offered by enterprise systems at a fraction of the cost. Give yourself the ability to check sales, adjust prices, and receive products right from your phone!



Server-Free Stores: The Retail MARKET back office is completely cloud-based. Say goodbye to in-store servers and networking equipment that take up space and cost time and money. Check sales or make changes from anywhere!

Unlimited Updates: New features are delivered regularly to our customers. Forget about annual updates that you have to pay for to stay in compliance, our updates are frequent, seamless and awesome!

Reliable Hardware: Our hardware solution is sleek, reliable, and rugged. All-in-One by Aures is first in class for uptime and reliability!

About the Company

We founded IT Retail back in 1993 because we believed that the best person to design a point of sale system for grocery was… a grocer. We wanted to build tools and reports that would actually solve problems we had in our own stores! Since then we haven’t looked back, and are still developing and supporting the best grocery POS solutions in the world. No one else can match the combination of software expertise, grocery know-how, and top of the line support that defines the IT Retail experience. Don’t believe us? Sign up for a free demo and try it yourself!