Itasca Terminal™ / Batch Data Collection

Itasca Terminal™ / Batch Data Collection

Itasca Retail Information Systems


Itasca Terminal™

ITASCA TERMINAL PROVIDES pen-based terminal support for legacy applications.

For retailers that want to upgrade their MS-DOS handheld terminals to modern Windows Mobile and Windows CE platforms, Itasca Terminal provides compatibility for existing character based applications. 

Batch Data Collection

WITH BATCH DATA COLLECTION (BDC) from Itasca, retailers migrate seamlessly from older MS-DOS handheld terminals by replacing existing data collection applications.

Typical applications include ordering, surveys, inventory, replacement tags, price check, markdowns and competitor pricing.


About the Company

Itasca Retail Information Systems Inc. invents and builds industry-leading solutions for Inventory Management, DSD, Computer Assisted Ordering and associated data management. Magic™, our field-proven software solution, optimizes the replenishment and management of store-level merchandise inventory. Comprehensive by design, Magic integrates existing information systems to address these issues that, until now, have prevented retailers from providing the desired service level for their customers. ​​

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