Itwell Co., Ltd.

Itwell Co., Ltd.

Itwell Co., Ltd.


XPDA-S/V/AVTA is a secure all-in-one mobile computer that satisfies PCI-PED security standard and EMV. Based on 5.0, XPDA-S/V/AVTA has integrated printer, barcode scanner, and secure pin-pad with smart card reader and magnetic strip reader. Complex business applications that need to collect data and perform real-time communication is easy and fast with XPDA-S/V/AVTA.


  • Empowers you to manage your store better through real-time information.
  • Open virtual POS lines anywhere in your store with mobile POS.
  • Reduces cost by streamlining processes from Point-Of-Sale to inventory management with only one device.

About the Company

Founded in 1998, ITWell is the leading manufacturer of mobile payment terminals in Korea that offer innovative solutions for a comprehensive range of applications in transportation, logistics, hospitality, retail and travel industries.   The name “ITWell” is derived from the words “IT” (Information & Communication Technology) and “Well” (profound source). The defining characteristic of ITWell is the deep source in the field of information & Communication Technology from which people obtain all the necessary data.

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