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Jetlore’s Prediction Platform empowers human curation with artificial intelligence, maximizing customer engagement, conversions and revenue.

With Jetlore’s Prediction Platform™, marketers benefit from the power of artificial intelligence as it manages customer-centric decision making in a way that humans alone cannot, dynamically selecting the best singular message for each customer at any given time.

Jetlore's Prediction Platform learns and adapts to each customer's unique preferences via semantic attributes, taking the consumer experience to the next level - beyond traditional personalization to predictions. 

Predictive Layouts empower marketing teams with the ability to create a completely individualized customer experience in email, homepage, and in-app experiences.

Supporting multiple use cases and content types, AI-Predictive Layouts generate significant revenue for worldwide B2C enterprises. 

Predictive Ranking for Product Listing Pages uses our patent pending "learning to rank" engine to solve for a previously impossible channel.

Jetlore Ranking analyzes billions of customer centric events and thousands of product attributes to go beyond personalization to predictions in real time consumer experiences.


Jetlore's Learning-to-Rank Technology

  • Jetlore's patent pending “learning-to-rank” technology learns customer preferences from each customer’s interaction and dynamically adapts to each customer in real time. Jetlore tracks each piece of content it displays and ensures that no two customers see the same content, and no customer ever sees the same content twice. 

Semantic understanding of content

  • Focus on the individual attributes of each piece of content, and each customer's reaction to them. 

Real-time scoring

  • Jetlore's ranking engine automatically scores content for relevance based on every customer impression. 
  • Adapt to each user's response
  • We learn from each customer's reaction to displayed content, and adapt the following experiences accordingly; we amplify the content a customer expresses interest in, and mute the content they do not.

About the Company

Led by Stanford data scientists and industry veterans, Jetlore is the only AI-as-a-service company to power CRM experiences for B2C enterprises. 

Jetlore’s AI-powered Prediction Platform uses behavioral, contextual, user contributed, and product performance information to rank relevant content and make each customer experience unique, which leads to long-term customer engagement.

Jetlore’s platform empowers B2C companies to move beyond personalization to predictions, with customers realizing sustainable increases in customer lifetime value and channel specific revenue of up to 80%. Our platform powers top-tier omni-channel companies and global online retailers like eBay, PayPal, Uniqlo and Nordstrom Rack to deliver AI-powered customer experiences to maximize online revenue. 

A 2016 Gartner Cool Vendor, Jetlore is based in Silicon Valley with teams in London, Madrid and St. Petersburg.

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