Converge™ is an exciting, intuitive, interactive digital tool for retail displays designed to improve and expand the shopping experience. Converge™ is the first and only system that unites a great in-store experience for consumers with all the richness found online, while solving the issues faced by retailers and brands today.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Consumers enjoy an improved, engaged, easy shopping experience and a more satisfying and successful purchase.

  • Omni-Channel Solved: Retailers can create parity between their online and in-store environments, expand the in-store offering to include .com items, and gain valuable, decision-driving data about in-store consumer interactions.

  • Brand Impression: Brands can ensure a positive experience with their products in-store, use data to better target their marketing messages, and create a bridge between their brand web site, their retailer’s web site, and the in-store experience. 

    Converge™ features a securely-housed tablet that slides along a proprietary rail in an OnQ retail display. As a consumer moves the tablet along a row of displayed products, Converge™ “sees” the items behind it using the backside camera and triggers all types of rich content for the education of the consumer, such as videos and photos, as well as expanded digital content like key features, benefits, specifications, assembly instructions, and reviews.

    Using a proprietary solution, Phone Connect™, Converge™ “recognizes” the consumers as they approach and personalizes the experience by engaging and greeting them by name. With one click, interested consumers can send all of the detailed product information right to their own device. They can then click the “Buy Now” button to easily make an immediate purchase of an in-stock item while standing in the store aisle, or choose to buy and ship the product directly to their home. Either way, the entire exchange takes place within the retailer’s existing .com site.

    It’s the best of both worlds: Consumers can touch and try the physical product right in front of them while learning all they wish to know from rich digital content (and then make the purchase on the spot).


Converge™ brings together the in-store and online experiences, and makes it really easy to convert an interested shopper into a customer. The tool provides shoppers with in-aisle digital access to ALL the items a retailer sells, on the shelf and on their .com site (including alternate models, colors, sizes, etc.) for expanded sales capabilities. Through Phone Connect™, the retailer is able to show the full, expanded assortment of items while keeping the customer in their ecosystem. Even if the customer decides not to click the “Buy Now” button to make a purchase at that time, this transfer to Phone Connect™ presents the retailer with contact information for a motivated, hot lead. Every move the consumer makes on the path to purchase is logged, providing valuable data for retailers and brands to make data driven decisions about messaging and assortment.

About the Company

Exploration • Information • Evaluation • Selection • Transaction

June20 is an entrepreneurial group of scrappy start-up types driven by the vision to develop a revolutionary new technology platform for retail displays. This platform is designed to unite the in-store and on-line customer experience via personalized interaction and rich curated content, as well as provide valuable, visible, game-changing data for brands and retailers. Through our dynamic and intuitive interactive application Converge, consumers can explore and compare products in-aisle via videos, photos, and expanded content, transfer information links to their own personal devices, and make an educated purchase, all within a retailer’s ecosystem. Our June20 platform provides consumers with digital access to all items a retailer offers, both in-store and on-line. The application reveals consumer behaviors throughout the whole life cycle of the retail purchase process and enables data-based decision making. Armed with this detailed shopper journey information, our retailer and manufacturer clients can more effectively direct product messaging and impact their bottom line. June20 was founded in 2014 by industry veteran Paul Chapuis, CEO of retail display powerhouse OnQ.

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