The KaChing! platform has 4 components: the Mobile App, POS integration (Gateway), a Redemption Terminal (for stores without POS), and a Campaign Dashboard. Consumers download the mobile app to receive coupons on their smartphones. They browse and clip coupons, then redeem them by scanning a 2D barcode at the checkout lane. The POS integration requires no software modifications to the POS since it resides as a peripheral driver that enables secure communication to our backend. SKU level data is received as purchased items are scanned, matched with clipped coupon data from the consumer’s phone, then all discounts are applied to the POS. Savings are reflected on the paper receipt and on the consumer’s phone. For stores without POS systems, the tablet-based Redemption Terminal can be installed to redeem mobile coupons. The Campaign Dashboard allows marketers to create coupon campaigns in minutes, modify on the fly, monitor performance in real-time, and analyze granular redemption data.


  • KaChing! enables CPG manufacturers to reach consumers that shop at retailers that cannot accept digital coupons with existing solutions.
  • KaChing! enables marketers to reach hard to target millennials with relevant, targeted, and transactional marketing campaigns.
  • KaChing! reduces retailer costs by speeding up the front end, and shortening coupon settlement time to less than 1 week.

About the Company

KaChing! is a free technology for retailers to disrupt the paper and digital coupon environments by delivering true digital coupons directly to consumers via their mobile phones. Our patented technology enables fast and easy redemption at the retailer's checkout without requiring digital coupons to be linked to a loyalty program. The KaChing! platform seamlessly integrates with a retailer's POS, simple cash-register system, or on-line checkout. The free platform only takes minutes to install and our technology has been declared "out-of-scope" of PCI requirements by a leading PCI auditor. Manufacturers can use the KaChing! web-based campaign dashboard to create and manage targeted promotional offers in minutes. All digital campaigns can be monitored in real-time and manufacturers only pay when an offer you created has been redeemed. KaChing! is the only digital coupon solution that eliminates coupon fraud by being in compliance with the GMA published Guidelines on Digital Coupons.

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