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Each Kantar Retail solution is a powerful specialism in its own right. When connected, we can help you create powerful opportunities and growth for your business. We have three specialist capability areas – Retail and Shopper Insights, Consulting Solutions and Technology Solutions. 


Shopper Insights - We help you turn shoppers into buyers 

Understand shopper needs, motivations, behaviors, barriers and triggers across the increasingly complex omni-channel path-to-purchase.

  • eCommerce is changing the retail landscape, but the challenges for brands in the retail environment are often similar in-store and online.  It is difficult to cut through the clutter and influence shoppers to buy.
  • No matter the retail channel, we know that making it faster and easier for shoppers to find the products they want increases their spending.  Our innovative range of qualitative and quantitative solutions applies this principle across all elements of the shopper journey.
  • Our techniques include panel surveys, in-store observation, click-stream analysis, neuro/bio-measurement, eye tracking, digital shop-alongs, virtual reality stores, mobile shopper diaries/surveys, eCommerce audits and more.

/ Insights to Activation

A key advantage to working with Kantar Retail for shopper insights research is our ability to integrate multiple data sources (analytics, syndicated and custom research) to uncover deep insights and then our consultants help take the insights through to activation.

The core Shopper Insights practice area helps our clients answer 3 core questions:

  • How to lead the category? Who do we target to grow the category and brand, where do we target and how?
  • How to win the digital and physical shelf? How to deliver best-in-class merchandising and shelving solutions?
  • How to convert the shopper? How do we maximize ROI on shopper marketing spend, growing the category and brand?

Most path-to-purchase research tools describe the journey, but Kantar Retail tools focus on understanding conversion gaps and then test solutions to close these gaps… ultimately driving growth.

Retail and Channel Insight - We help you stay ahead of retail and channel evolution 

  • We help you assess channel opportunities, strengthen customer relationships and frame a Go to Market strategy by understanding how the retail landscape is evolving and how retailer models and strategies are changing.
  • Our ethos is to be the world’s best-connected and indispensable retail insights partner – our clients use our expertise and accurate market information to fuel decisions which accelerate profitable growth.
  • We hold data on over 1,200 of the world’s leading retailers – and with 98% accuracy we can forecast where those brands will be in the next five years, allowing our clients to confidently focus their efforts and investments in the areas that will provide a strong return.
  • Our face-to-face events, subject matter analysts, workshops and conferences provide you with a platform to build effective plans and evaluate strategies for their execution. Our specialist forums centre around a specific retailer, channel or market to allow you to identify opportunities for working partnerships and targeted retail initiatives.

The core Retail & Channel Insights practice area covers:

/ Retail insights

Understand the retail trends of today and prepare for the realities of tomorrow with our cross-channel strategic analysis. Our experts produce articles, research reports, slide presentations, executive-level summaries and profiles, photos, and news on over 1,200 key retailers across 135 global markets. Discover more.

/ Shopper insights

Dig deeper into purchasing decisions by examining monthly data from 4,000 primary household shoppers gathered by Kantar Retail’s ShopperScape® survey. Our shopper insights offer helps you to weave the shopper journey throughout your business strategy to better understand behavior and pinpoint retailer choice. 

/ Webinars

Connect online with our experts from anywhere in the world and find out what the critical issues are affecting developments in retail. You’ll hear our view on the shifts in business strategy before giving your point of view and getting the answers to your questions. 

/ Events

Attending one of our events [BV(S4] opens the door for discussions on where the risks and rewards will be for your business in tomorrow’s retail environment. Strategic mid-year and year-end forums are supplemented by training workshops and forums across a variety of markets and retail channels, allowing you to engage with the world’s major retailers.

/ Sharegroups

Our ShareGroups initiative brings together non-competing companies to openly share their experience, challenges and opportunities. Hearing real-life examples of issues affecting business and working through potential solutions promotes new thinking and practical advice on how to overcome common retail conundrums.


Ecommerce, Omnichannel & Digital - We help you and your team build ecommerce capabilities that will enable your business to accelerate into this new retailing ecosystem

  • Our 4e’s Offer: We offer global insight, strategic advisory services, shopper research and market-leading consultancy for businesses that want to succeed in this ‘Everywhere Commerce’ revolution taking place.
  • Our services are targeted at the commercial functions of global brands and suppliers and our aim is to ensure that your teams can drive the business forward in the digital space with a focus on building omnichannel capabilities.
  • Through experience, future forecasting and the use of live data we can help you make key decisions about your eCommerce strategy – from aggressively pursuing emerging markets to embedding new philosophies into your staff as well as providing a point of view on technology enablers and trends that will impact every supplier and retailer.
  • Find out how to aggressively pursue eCommerce channel opportunities, learn what headcount and emphasis to place on emerging markets and let us show you how to embed eCommerce understanding to all account managers and supporting functions.
  • FMCG and CPG manufacturers have sought our expert insight, as have global suppliers to the consumer electronic, apparel and retail industries. 

/ A toast to our success

For a global leader in beverages, we helped to forecast the growth of eCcommerce in Eurasia and Africa, boiling down 90 potential markets into just four clusters, identifying the retailers to grow with and creating training guidelines for teams in those markets.

/ Great looking performance

For a major international beauty and personal care client, we held an eCommerce Leadership Training Camp and a Winning with Amazon workshop for 25 eCommerce account leads.

/ Closer to home

We worked out the potential size of the eCommerce opportunity for a global supplier of household products, allowing the client to justify headcounts for their top six European markets.

/ Whitespace opportunities

We were asked to calculate the size of price for eCommerce across Asia for a major dairy brand, broken down into four key eCommerce formats.

/ Out in front

A global spirits company asked us to build the roadmap for a multi-channel journey to 2020 across all business functions. We identified key consumption occasions and mapped the eCommerce category growth drivers, resulting in a re-think of the digital marketing mix.

/ Educate our organization

We are frequently asked to present to our clients on a variety of topics within the eCommerce, digital and omnichannel space. Topics range from macro overviews, shopper landscape, digital trends, Amazon deep dives, organizational design, best in class omnichannel examples and much more. We can customize these conversations based on your unique needs. 

Go To Market - We Power Up your Sales Strategy 

We help you to improve your performance with retailers through better business planning and alignment of brand with retailer and shopper objectives.

  • We help clients make the right strategic and practical choices that will grow their business.
  • By developing and deploying practical solutions that help your commercial teams achieve top and bottom line results we can ensure your business is travelling in the right direction. We help you to ensure that you have the right organisation, capability and processes to deliver what the business needs.
  • We work with you to design and deliver pragmatic improvements for the short, medium and long term, but our focus is also on ensuring that easily achievable improvements are identified, prioritised and executed.

The core Go to Market practice area covers:

/ Revenue Management

We help clients instill a revenue, profit and volume culture through tools, processes, metrics and analytics. We help you to identify and execute against opportunities for growth whilst ensuring efficiency by addressing the core commercial levers

  • Business Growth Opportunity Mapping
  • Brand, Pack, Price Architecture aligned to consumer / shopper needs
  • Assortment and distribution optimisation
  • Customer Trade Terms and Pricing
  • Promotional strategy, planning and analytics

/ Integrated Customer Business Planning

Developing your customer business plan, bringing together brand, category and sales objectives with a strong customer value proposition is increasingly complex. We help you establish the processes, tools and capabilities that enable the development of build a winning plan that your customers will support.

 / Market entry

We know the retail and wholesale trade industry, so if you’re looking to launch or distribute your product through one of these physical or digital channels you need to know what is expected of you and how best to deliver a winning market entry strategy.

/ Benchmarking

Do you know where you are making strides with your customers and where you’re not, exploring all the opportunities available to you? We can deliver an impartial assessment with detailed recommendations by talking to your customers and understanding where your two interests can be best aligned. 

/ Route to market

Clients need to segment customers and create value propositions for each to maximise sales and profit. Our people can show you how to optimise selling, service and supply relationships with direct and indirect customers throughout the complete value chain.

Retail & Purchase Data Analytics 

  • We help you to apply best in class analytical tools and consulting services to create winning strategies in-store and on-line across assortment, merchandising, promotions
  • Retail channels have multiplied and are fragmented, competition is fierce and the rise of data management has set new standards. Furthermore, retailers have improved their capabilities in customer insights and reduced dependence on suppliers’ expertise.
  • Manufacturers now have an obligation to propose a clear, differentiated and compelling offer to shoppers & retailers. They are the thought leader required to bring expertise and knowledge to the market.
  • Kantar Retail provides industry-leading tools, superior analytics and consulting services. Our teams are constantly working hand in hand with our client to develop winning strategies at retail.
  • Kantar Retail Analytics solutions help manufacturers make the most informed decisions at retail, capitalizing on all data available and ultimately driving revenue, margin and profit growth. 

Our solutions cover these core areas:

/ Assortment Leadership: National Portfolio & Customer Optimization

Quantify the true incremental value to both your portfolio as well as the category at your customer of each SKU.

Our SKURat Portfolio and RichMix Customer Assortment Optimization tools are powered by our proprietary, industry-leading transferable demand methodology and enable you to unlock sustainable growth across the category. 

/ Shelf Leadership: Shelving Strategy & Planogram Management

Holistic shelf leadership requires a combination of best in class shelving strategy based on what is successful in the market as well as planogram excellence via demand driven space optimization & mass planogram generation.

Our Isolated Shelving Impact shelving strategy analysis distills the true impact of individual shelving practices such as flow, adjacencies & location in actionable shelving principles & executional guidelines.

Our RichMix Space Optimization & AutoMerch Mass Planogram Generation capabilities combine the power of incrementality, value of a facing and up-to-store-level assortment optimization with an automated planogram creation capability that delivers significant time savings over current rules-based approaches

/ Net Revenue Management: Price & Promo Leadership

Comprehensive net revenue management empowers an organization to not only identify the optimal base price level that would yield maximum profit but also maximize the ROI on promotions by selecting the right vehicles, depth of discount & promo length for each product group

Our Price 360 helps you manage everyday retail price to drive revenue, share and profit while managing gaps to competitors and accounting for trade & external market factors

Our Trade Opt capabilities enable you to more effectively allocate spend across retail customers by understanding the true ROI of your promotional efforts. This is underpinned by a holistic & structured approach rooted in people, processes and technologies.

Catergory and Shopper Solutions - We create strategies that drive your long-term growth 

We help you unlock future sources of real growth through the development of fact based category drivers and activation platforms. These are tailor-made for specific channels and retailers and are purpose built to influence purchase behaviour.

  • We believe that traditional brand and consumer-led approaches to category growth are no longer adequate.
  • Our consultants dig deep into your business to identify, understand and overcome the barriers to you achieving your growth goals. Working with you, we find their causes, create practical solutions and deploy them effectively.
  • Access our exclusive market-leading tools, processes and models that will take you on a journey from insight through to execution.
  • These tools will give you a full understanding of what drives conversion to purchase through shopper marketing strategies. We’ll also apply our growth forecasts to your categories to identify immediate opportunities where quick wins can be made.

/ Decision marketing

Work with us to develop shopper marketing strategies built on a complete understanding of relevance, engagement and selection barriers along the entire shopper journey.

/ Portfolio mapping and prioritisation

We can map your portfolio’s future fit against the category context and growth driver strategies, highlighting white spaces, blind spots and immediate areas for growth.

/ eCommerce

We develop successful pure-play and multi-channel strategies and solutions through a better understanding of a shopper’s path to purchase. Read more.

/ Perfect store

Using cutting-edge, market-leading technology, we’re able to bring to life a high impact, customer ready macro space or perfect store concept through our retail virtual reality team.

/ Shopper centric organisations

After working with us our clients have developed world-class shopper centric commercial organisations through areas of benchmarking, competency-based assessment, organisation design and processes, and capability building through accelerated learning and embedding strategies.

Organizational Performance - We drive the commercial performance of your organisation 

We help you to develop your commercial capabilities and the competency of your people through organisation design, commercial process mapping, competency modelling and the assessment, design and delivery of training academies.

  • Through training, coaching and assessments our experts are able to fine tune or completely realign your business to meet your core objectives.
  • Across the globe we have made measurable differences to some of the world’s most iconic brands; even the most successful businesses can benefit.
  • Using our own internationally-recognised data, insight and experience with global brands, we can benchmark your company against your competitors before working with you to identify skills gaps and commercial opportunities.
  • A blended approach of workshops, coaching and self learning will help your team reach its potential by improving commercial planning, account management, selling and negotiation skills.

/ Benchmarking performance

Know where you stand with our globally-recognised PoweRanking. For more than 15 years our annual ranking tool has been the industry standard, providing a top-level insight which allows you to benchmark your company’s position against that of your competitors.

/ Customer planning

Data from our market insights service allows you to build strategic customer plans with tools and templates to ensure that results deliver against your overall business plan.

/ Selling skills

Our consultants are sales and marketing-focussed and deliver a variety of workshops, coaching sessions, eLearning and blended academies which have been hugely successful for clients across the world. We teach and coach teams on the key principles of selling, including influencing psychology, customer understanding and closing deals.

/ eLearning

Our eLearning courses cover sales, category management, brand marketing and finance. We’ll teach you the skills to be successful whether you want to improve your negotiation skills or strengthen the financial acumen across your organisation.

/ Negotiation

Our negotiation training programs have helped clients secure miles of shelf space and save millions of pounds in promotional spending. By learning our core concepts and how to apply them, your teams will know how to leverage power, maintain negotiation positions and defend against buyer negotiation tactics – all skills that can be deployed in everyday commercial situations.

/ Financial acumen

Using your team’s collective financial acumen effectively can deliver huge benefits to the business. We will focus on your business objectives, help to set and understand key performance indicators before working with you to identify real-life commercial opportunities.


Trade Optimization - Trade Optimization solutions are part of the new Kantar Retail Sales Performance Platform.

XTEL is Kantar Retail Trade Optimisation’s end-to-end suite of solutions.

  • Sales Planning
  • TPM & TPO
  • Retail Execution DSD and Van Sales

Retail and Virtual Reality - Research and Experience the Future of Retail 

VR enables you to choose the best retail solutions and get them accepted by stakeholders and retailers.

For leading retailers and suppliers, Virtual Reality (VR) serves as the innovation engine to plan, research, collaborate and execute shopper-led innovation across their global organizations.



We help you turn shoppers into buyers

We help you turn shoppers into buyers by understanding shopper needs, motivations, behaviours, barriers and triggers across the path to purchase to the point of decision.

We help you stay ahead of retail and channel evolution

We help you assess channel opportunities, strengthen customer relationships and frame go-to-market strategy by understanding how the retail landscape is evolving and how retailer models and strategies are changing. 

Consulting Solutions

We create strategies that drive your long-term growth 

We help you unlock future sources of real growth through the development of fact based ‘category drivers’ and activation platforms. These are tailor-made for specific channels and retailers and are purpose built to influence purchase behaviour

We power up your sales strategies 

We help you to improve your performance with retailers through better business planning and alignment of brand with retailer and shopper objectives. We also help build your go-to-market strategy, choosing which channels to compete in, how best to access them and how to win within them

We drive the commercial performance of your organisation 

We help you to develop the commercial capability of your organisation and the commercial competency of your people. Through organisation design, commercial process mapping, competency modelling and the assessment, design and delivery of training academies

We improve your assortment, promotions and price 

We help you to apply best in class analytical tools and consulting services to create winning strategies in-store and on-line across assortment, merchandising, promotions and price 

Technology Solutions

We help you make better, faster retail decisions with our virutal reality software

We help you to create virtual retail environments and product content for virtual merchandising, store design, category management, retail execution and shopper research so you can make better, faster retail decisions.

We increase your ROI from sales activities and investments

We help you to optimise and automate sales force, kam activities and investments through our xtel application, increasing your ROI.

About the Company

Growth has shifted, the growth models of the past cannot be counted on for the future. There will though be more, not fewer, opportunities for building breakout brands and tapping new business opportunities. Future growth exists beyond the comfort zone of most organisations, requiring new insights, business models, skills, assets, talent, organisational structures, and ways of working. To secure future growth, a ‘whole demand’ philosophy is needed; one that that integrates insights and strategies from culture and consumer behaviour, through to in-market and on-shelf activation. A philosophy which goes beyond traditional silos within organisations and connects together the skills of Brand, Marketing, Retail, Sales and Shopper teams. Kantar Retail, Kantar Added Value, Kantar Vermeer and Kantar Futures have joined forces to create Kantar Consulting. We are the only fully connected team of brand and marketing, and retail, sales and shopper specialists. Connected to the Kantar and WPP ecosystems, we offer insights, analytics, consultancy and technology solutions. We ‘Switch on Growth’ for clients, categories and people.

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