Key Value Item Analysis

Key Value Item Analysis

Clear Demand


Clear Demand KVI Analysis looks at historical store-SKU sales data to reveal which items are the most sensitive to price change and therefore which items must be managed surgically to protect a retailer’s price image with its shoppers. This analysis becomes a useful component in competitive price strategy.


  • Clear Demand understands today that retailers have processes and systems in place and yet still need discrete analyses which can leverage those investments and deliver demonstrable value.
  • The key to this value lies within a retailer’s data together with current Big Data analytics to unlock that value.
  • Utilizing its Big Data Platform and evolved data science, Clear Demand has three services offerings.

About the Company

Our story is one of technology evolution and commitment. Our mission is clear.   Our mission: We help retailers compete more effectively.   Sure we use the most current technology but our focus is not on technology but rather solving today’s retail’s current pricing problems. That is why we started with a more complete competitive pricing solution and then built a single rules architecture that could administer pricing rules consistently across any channel in which a retailer chooses to compete. Price optimization plays a role – that is where we “cut our teeth” 15 years ago – but only after “guardrails” have been carefully set and managed for competitive pricing and rules.   We are a specialist in pricing with a 15 year pedigree and no interest in becoming a generalist.   We were the first to introduce OmniChannel pricing because it was the right thing to do.

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