Know Your Number®

Know Your Number®

Health Promotion Solutions


(KYN) is a leading edge health management solution designed to address the need for multi-dimensional chronic disease risk prediction in a diverse world. Using a clinically-based engine, Know Your Number generates best-in-class reports featuring easy-to-interpret, actionable, disease-specific information at both the individual and aggregate level. It may be deployed as a stand-alone solution or built into existing tools.


  • Participant Biometric Data.
  • Personalized Disease Risk Reporting.
  • Personal Modifiable Risk Reporting.

About the Company

Our approach isn't to throw it against the wall to see what sticks, but to provide our clients with solutions that have already been validated and proven to work. Health Promotion Solutions (HPS) provides evidence-based health solutions for effective disease prevention, risk identification, and health and wellness management in corporate, healthcare, and retail settings. 

The US population continues to see increases in weight and decreases in physical activity resulting in medical costs marching upwards at an unsustainable pace. Compelled to find solutions to stave off these destructive trends HPS was established to address the growing need for evidence-based prevention solutions, wellness products, and services for Employers, Insurance Brokers, Healthcare Organizations, and Retailers within the Health Promotion industry interested in implementing proven solutions to drive positive outcomes and ROI. 

With an extensive background in biometric screenings, second-generation predictive modeling health risk assessments, nutrition solutions, motivational health coaching, telemedicine, and wellness platforms, Health Promotion Solutions can create an effective, comprehensive health and wellness program enabling you to succeed in improving your population’s health and reducing costs. 

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